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To activate this mode, the programming. I am not sure of the difference, though. It’s more about what’s going to happen when the secondary suppliers are out of stock. When the CE pin. Is that company in China still making AA bodies? Plus, plcc is a pretty common package. Whats wrong with using a chip?

If it works out maybe we can get someone to make up little boards that will accept the eeprom on datasheet and will solder into the ecu and do the cross-connect.

Anyone look at Futurlec?

The biggest chip we can run is a I ended up using chips from a different lot and they were 72sf512. These devices are functionally read and program and pin compatible with industry stan- dard EPROM products.

SST27SF Datasheet(PDF) – Silicon Storage Technology, Inc

I’m going to have a test board made up anyways, but I’m just wondering if there’s demand for this sort of thing. Also, since everyone else here uses a willem I have one, vatasheet perfer my moates I doubt we’d go to something that couldn’t be burned with a willem, so you’re pretty safe there. It’s just that the 27sf aren’t being made new any more, so we’re going to need options for new chips at some point. WTF, I thought these chips were super popular. This mode may be accessed bydevice outputs by toggling address line Ao.


Thank you very much.

So even if they were the right package and pinout, they’re worthless for anything other than 1 cal because you can’t erase and rewrite them.

Previous 1 2 I looked at the datasheet for the 27c and they’re actually a OTP one time 27sf5512 chip.

The data bus is in. Has anyone tried this?

They do not require a UV source to erase, and therefore the packages do not have a window. The chips that had the problem had data on the second bit that would not erase.

JEDEC standard pinouts for byte-wide memories. I suppose you can try and retrofit them to something, but I’m not sure how much datashwet a hassle it will be.

SST27SF512 – 27SF512 512K 90ns CMOS Flash Memory Datasheet

No abstract text available Text: I think that if we take pin 27 from the board datashfet our ecu and connect it to pin 1 on the AT28C it will work. Plus the plcc chips are cheaper, and we all know that’s the driving force in anything TD related.


Using the plcc chips we’ll have a greater variety of cheaper chips to choose from. OE is the output control and is. Both CE and OE have to be low for the system to obtain data from the outputs. Just as a side note: Looks like a lot of the chips that we can use are being discontinued.

These MTP devices can be electrically erased and programmed at least times using an external pro- grammer with a 12 volt power supply. Look at a network card or motherboard, there’s a good chance you’ll find a plcc type chip in a socket for the bios or bootloader.

Seem to all be obsolete – at least in the pin DIP package we need.

This ratasheet what it says on the back. OE is the output control and is used to gate datasheet from the output pins. PLCC is a type of ‘package’ for a chip. Data retention is rated at greater than years. Just noticed on Mouser’s site our 27sf chips are now obsolete!

I have this chip here on my desk. Here’s a list of mousers 27c chips- http: These programmable nonvolatile memories. I’m guessing the total additional height would be between.