philips coolant change philips 8pc the stuff i need also a manual for the tv its a philips model# 8pc chassis # ptvah01 i. PTV TV pdf manual download. TV Philips A02U AA Service Manual 54″ Philips/Magnavox 8PC 60″ Philips/Magnavox 8PC 60″. We have 2 HP Officejet manuals available for free PDF download: mini stock manual, metrotimes detroit guide, 8pc

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The service procedures recommended by Philips and described in this service manual are effective methods of performing service operations. Some of these service operations require the use of tools specially designed for the purpose. Be sure all components are positioned in such a way as to avoid the possibility of adjacent component shorts.

This is especially important on those chassis which are transported to and from the service shop. Unplug the ac line cord and connect a jumper between the two prongs of the plug. Turn on the power switch. Measure the resistance value between the jumpered ac plug and all exposed cabinet parts of the receiver, such as screw heads, antennas, and control shafts.

Be sure to check over the entire set, not just the areas 8p6034v101 you have worked. Some previous servicer may have left an unsafe condition, which could be unknowingly passed on to your customer. The use of a 8p6034d101 part which does not have the same safety characteristics as the Philips recommended replacement part shown in this service manual may create shock, fire, or other hazards.

Such components commonly are called Electrostatically Sensitive ES Devices, Examples of typical ES devices are integrated circuits and some field-effect transistors and semiconductor “chip” components. The following techniques should be used to help reduce the incidence of component damage caused by electrostatic discharge ESD.

philips coolant change philips 8p6034c101

While some sources are expected to have a possible dangerous impact, others of quite high potential are of limited current and are sometimes held in less regard.

While some may not be dangerous in themselves, they manal cause unexpected reactions — The PTV light path encompasses a wealth of precision optical components which include lenses, mirrors, lenticular manjal Fresnel screens. Complete removal of the coupling fluid is not necessary when only replacing the CRT. Always use a separate isolation transformer when applying power to the exposed chassis.

All service adjustments are “hot” voltagewise.

For maximum safety, ensure the use of properly insulated tools. Adjust C zone E-6 to obtain a reading of 2. This adjustment may affect On-Screen Menu positioning as well as other graphics generated the set. Tune to a weak station, or loosely couple the antenna to observe a snowy picture.

Slowly advance R clockwise CW to a point slightly beyond the point of minimum snow.


Peel back the top cover of the shield to gain access to the internal circuitry. While keeping input signal weak enough to produce noise, adjust the Sound Discriminator L for maximum output and minimum distortion.

Connect the positive lead from a. High Voltage Adjustment Procedure: Turn the PTV on. High Voltage Frequency Adjustment Note: Turn the set off and disconnect power supplied to the chassis.

Disable the High Voltage by shorting the collector of Q to ground. Disable the sync input to IC by shorting the base of Q to ground. The customer picture and sound adjustments are made using either the on-set keyboard or the remote transmitter to enter commands. There are on-screen graphics to 8o6034c101 the “menu” Adjustment of Registers in Service Mode: When the receiver is operating in the service mode, all normal on-screen displays are suppressed and replaced by a special display see Figure 3.

This display has two lines of information at the bottom of the screen. The first line of text shows the factory part number of the Microcomputer, IC Tune the receiver to the applied signal in step 1. Connect an oscilloscope to Pin 20 of IC The following procedure was manul with a Sencore VG91 Universal Video Generator and must be performed while the unit under test is in the Service Mode. Set the Generator as follows: Mode Switch set to L Ch.

Perform Electrical and Optical Focus before attempting this adjustment.

Phillips magnavox 8p c – Fixya

8p6034x101 Any dust should be cleaned from the output lenses, mirror, and back of the screen with a soft cloth. This panel does not contain the familiar three rows of adjustment potentiometers as employed in the past PTV systems. This procedure is required for all of the following geometry and convergence adjustments. Using the remote transmitter, enter the following seven-button sequence to activate the convergence mode.

ST is the individual part number p86034c101 the 46” Screen Template. The Screen Template, if centered correctly on the screen, can also provide the center point location.

Enter the “Service Setup Mode” Menu-Menu and confirm manuwl register values of the following registers: Confirming the following register values is not required if the Small Signal or Large Signal Boards have not been replaced or altered.

The Red and Blue displays will individually be made to conform to the Green.

Confirm the CRT Centering as described in the previous procedure. Repeat the procedure in steps 5 and 6 by adjusting the Blue icons to the Green. When convergence alignment is complete, save the data by selecting “1” from the convergence service menu.

Clock Calibration The microcomputer’s crystal oscillator frequency of approx. If Clock is Slow Freq. This Chassis is used in the 48, 52, 54, and 60 inch screen sizes. This rectified run voltage is also applied to IC Pin 4 to adjust the chip’s internal reference, regulating the duty cycle at IC Pin 7. The duty cycle controls the on time of Q to regulate the output of T The 15 volts is also applied to other circuits on the Large Signal Panel. Figure 4 TV guide company provides the service which contains information similar to their weekly magazine.


The free service provides two to three days of programming per download.

This turns Q On, which turns Q On. No volt supply With volts ac applied, ground Pin 16 of IC to bypass the microprocessor. If the full power supply turns on, troubleshoot the microprocessor and reset circuit.

The adjusted, phase detected signal is applied via the Oscillator to the Pre-Driver block. Q will turn on turning Q On. This will turn Q on hard, increasing the voltage at Pin 8 of IC above 4. Troubleshooting the High Voltage Power Supply Loss of High Voltage can be caused by a failure in the drive circuits, beam current shutdown, overvoltage, and loss of scan.

Accretia leveling guide

Check the dc voltage at on the anode of D If this voltage is less than one volt, the High Voltage has been shut down due to a scan loss. When the Audio Power Supply is turned on, C is charged through resistor R to momentarily turn on the muting transistors.

While the capacitor is charging, the Low on the gate of the muting transistors turns them on, muting the audio. Right and Left amplifier outputs. Both Surround Sound speakers must be connected. These speakers will only have sound when the set is in the Stereo mode while receiving a Stereo signal. Troubleshooting the Audio Circuit To troubleshoot a no audio problem, first measure J, Pins 1 and 2, for audio drive.

If this signal is present, check DC voltage on each side of F If voltage is missing on one side, the fuse is open. Convergence Panel Phase-Locked Loop: The phase-locked loop produces a Figure 12 This signal is used as the system clock which is used by the Convergence Spline Processor CSP and the three digital to analog converters dacs.

The dac outputs are approximately 2 volts peak to peak with a 2. The CSP also supplies a KHz 5 volt peak to peak WS or word select signal to select the proper channel on the dac for horizontal or vertical.

The AV switch has two video outputs. Chroma is fed to IC on Pin PTV 2 Vp-p 5. MXC – Manual no. MXC continued C 2. MXC continued 4 Amp Fuse MXC continued C 10uF. MXC continued C 1uF. MXC continued R 4. MXC continued C pF. MXC continued C 0. MXC continued R 3. MXC continued C uF.