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Revision of Army Technical Manual /NAVFAC P/AFR , Force Manual (AFM) (TM ) (Department of the Air Force, ). manual TM , NAVFAC P, and AFM 88 This document generally has the most conservative criteria. It has been updated recently with some. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Summary of Changes and Availability of the Revised TM NAVFAC P, AFM “Design of Structures to.

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Structures to Resist the Effects of Accidental Explosions (TM , NAVFAC – Google Books

Structures will be designed to carry the weight of the aqueduct or pipeline with fluid and to resist loads due to wind, snow, and seismic activity. 88-222 Design for Buildings-Materials. Much of the blast and fragment technology developed for.

Storage of corrosive solutions and the effects of temperature in conjunction with corrosive solutions will be considerations in selecting tank materials. Center for Chemical Process Safety.

Sources and General Considerations. Fiber Reinforced Concrete- International Symposium. The design agency will verify that appropriate impact factors have been included in loads provided by the conveyor system manufacturer. At the time, it provided Purpose This manual establishes structural design criteria for structures other than buildings, furnishes design guidance for various types of structures, and identifies special considerations with regard to certain materials in specific applications.

Army Publishing Directorate

Underground Concrete Utility Structures. For additional design guidance, see ACI R, Other structures Other types of specialty structures include plate and shell structures, major arenas and stadiums, orbital space structures, test stands, launch structures, carbon fiber composite structures, etc.

In mine explosions, as in Paved inverts and similar details will be provided as required for the particular system being incorporated. Depending on the characteristics of the earth materials, the stiffness of the wall, etc. Designs will conform to the general concepts and practices of the proper design specification listed in this manual.


Design considerations will include forces exerted on the duct system such as those due to gas pressure, dead and live loads, wind loads, snow loads, seismic loads, and loads due to thermal expansion and contraction. Rectangular Industrial Duct Construction Standards.

Concrete cover for protection of reinforcing will be increased when the structure is exposed to salt water or other corrosive conditions unless other means are employed to protect reinforcing from corrosion. Design of structures of these types is highly specialized and is beyond the scope of this manual. Design of below-grade or buried tanks will consider the potential bouyancy of the tank, and a suitable ballast slab or other anchoring system will be provided to assure that the tank will not float when the dead weight of the empty tank and soil cover directly over the tank are insufficient to prevent flotation.

Material anisotropy revealed by phase contrast in intermittent contact atomic force microscopy.

Allowable stresses will be in accordance with table Flexible connectors include items such as bolts, stirrups, dowel bars, and ties. Other acceptable standard design methods or concepts may also be used. Components will be proportioned so that resonance due to vortex shedding at low wind velocities is avoided. Additional consideration will be given to possible load increases which can result from irregularities in alignment of the support system over which the structures will be moved, e.

Design will consider the maximum permissible differential head across the trash rack or screening device.

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Design of supports and enclosures for static equipment will am the maximum weight and eccentricity of the equipment as well as the required clearance 88-2 access to and maintenance of the equipment.

Equipment foundations will be designed in accordance with current practices; the safety factor for stability against overturning and for resistance against sliding will be as set forth in paragraph For individual leg foundations, the weight of the foundation alone not considering weight of the earth cover will provide a minimum safety factor of 1.


Designs for these structures will be in accordance with related design codes, sound 8-22 practice and judgement, and relevant criteria based on the materials involved and the predicted loading. Thermosetting Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastic Tanks. Developments Between the 15th and 18th.

To attain the necessary corrosion resistance, structures in such areas are frequently fabricated from nonmetallic materials including fiberglass reinforced plastic, etc. 882-2 criteria apply to all groups and agencies responsible for the design of military facilities. Light poles, flag poles, and sign supports.

Use of corrosion-resistant steel will be in accordance with the following. Route Reconnaissance and Classification. No corrosion allowance for corrosionresistant or weathering steel is required. This approach can be applicable to certain composite type structures or components such as those involving adhesive bonded elements, cellular foam, and newly developed materials.

Composites and structural plastics. Wave studies will be made for the design of the mooring system and platforms. Designers will consider the possible hydrostatic uplift at various stages of construction.

Manholes and inlets will be designed to resist earth, water, temperature, and other loads to which they will be subjected. Particular consideration will be given to corrosion-resistant design in seawater environments. Other site structures a.

Dockside Utilities for Ship Service. Guide for Steel Stack Design and Construction. Welded Steel Tanks for Oil Storage. Where the design of a particular structure or of a special case is not covered, the design approach 8822 technical formulas will be based on available technical literature or will be carefully formulated.