Pre-prosthetic surgery is that part of oral and maxillofacial surgery which restores oral alveoloplasty, denture retention, pre-prosthetic surgery, undercuts. Alveoloplasty is one of the common pre-prosthetic surgeries done in dental practice. The aim of pre- prosthetic surgery is to improve the quality and condi-. This is a 2 part video series discussing the alveoloplasty procedure – a simple pre prosthetic surgery that can aid in denture fabrication.

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What is Alveoplasty: Overview, Benefits, and Expected Results

The dentist will start by anesthetizing or numbing up the bone along with the overlying gum tissue in the area where the alveoloplasty is to be performed. Here are some of the problems that might be apparent: We try to make dentistry fun.

As the goal alveoooplasty the prosthetic appliance construction is to improve functions and esthetics, the requirements to achieve these goals should be discussed by the team members. A key component of this planning is comprised of the contours of the jawbone in the alveoloplaty area. As one of the largest medical tourism companies in the region, we are able to secure and share the critical information that is most linked to quality and cost of care.

A local anesthetic will be enough in most cases. It is different for every patient depending on their healing patterns and bone structure.

Alveoloplasty (jawbone reshaping)- The procedure explained. Costs.

In the posterior maxilla, there is invented drift of posterior rest. It was described by Davis[ 10 — 12 ] in the year It can be used for optimizing the shape of the jawbone of a patient to prevent complications when it comes to the insertion, stability, comfort, or retention of an appliance when it is performed prior to complete or partial construction of dentures.


The pattern of bone loss differs in maxilla from mandible. The bony prominences are removed by means of alveolectomy and alveloplasty. Also, typically the use of this method results in the loss of a greater amount of jawbone ridge height. Even before the patient has expressed an interest in proceeding with tooth replacement?

The rib is contoured by vertical scoring in the inner surface. I am now having to go back for another round of alvelooplasty to correct one area that is low they are going to file down my entire jaw instead of giving me a bone graph. Ridge Augmentation Superior border augmentation It was described by Davis[ 10 — 12 ] in the year August Prosthodont Soc Bull.

While it can be disappointing alveoloplsaty find out that alveoloplasty is necessary, it does not mean that your dentist did not have the proper foresight. Fixation is done by means of transosseous wiring or circumferential wiring. When is Alveoloplasty Performed? This self-descriptive system is useful clinically as well as for research purposes and helps one to differentiate the various stages of residual ridge resorption in the individual patient.

Bleeding could also occur though excessive bleeding is considered a rare occurrence. The alveolar bone, which is a prominent portion of the jawbone will in some cases be an undercut or protuberance over which wearing or fitting a denture may be hard if not impossible. The mentalis muscle is detached from alveooloplasty periosteum to the required depth surbery the vestibule is deepened by supraperiosteal dissection.

While finding qlveoloplasty that an alveoloplasty is needed can be disappointing, it doesn’t mean that your dentist lacked proper foresight. A better fit for dental prosthetics results in improved quality of life, especially in dental function, and ensures maximum retention.

Alveoloplasty – All You Need To Know | Dental Dorks

Jan on January 8, at 7: For example, sharp protruding bone remnants may become dental sequestra. Genial tubercles are exposed by blunt dissection. Pre-prosthetic sutgery is done to provide a better anatomic environment and to create proper supporting structures for denture construction. Pre-prosthetic surgery is that part of oral and maxillofacial surgery which restores oral function and facial form.


Patients may also need to take antibiotics.

Aveoloplasty – All You Need To Know

If bone resorption in the mandible has been extreme, the mental foramen may open directly at the crest of the residual bony process. In the case where this procedure is combined with performing tooth extractions, the anesthetic given for their removal may be all that is required.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. In the case where alveoloplasty is performed on its own, it’s typically considered a “minor” surgical procedure. Surgical smoothing and re-contouring of the jawbone ridge: If the procedure is expected to be extensive or to run long, or if the patient simply prefers, some type of sedation can be used.

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. This helps to wash away the debris and keeps the tissue of the bone cool and hydrated.

When this situation exists, the portion of the ridge that creates the obstacle will need to be removed before the patient’s new prosthesis can be made. The oral surgeon then makes an incision along the gum line, near the area where trimming is required, and the tissue flap is raised to expose the jawbone. A jawbone’s dense alveokoplasty layer of bone tissue is termed its “cortical plate.