AMx ARM® Cortex™-A8 Microprocessors. (MPUs). Technical Reference Manual. Literature Number: SPRUH73C. October –Revised. AMx ARM® Cortex™-A8 Microprocessors. (MPUs). Technical Reference Manual. Literature Number: SPRUH73J. October –Revised December . Read about ‘TI: Technical Reference Manual for AMx ARM Cortex-A8 Microprocessors (MPUs)’ on elementcom. TI: Technical Reference.

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Since interrupts on PRU have not been disabled any pending packets will assert the interrupt again, this ensures that no packets are missed.

Technical Reference Manual for an SoC. It asserts a reset signal for a fixed period of time whenever the:. In this scheme interrupts are disabled when the first Rx interrupt is ak335x The PRU still keeps receiving the frames and putting them on the queuesafter a certain number of packets have been processed on the Host, the interrupts are enabled once more.

The advantage of such an approach is that both interrupts are serviced even if they are a335x at the same time.

This is useful in the implementation of requirements specified by IEEE For time critical applications with low latency requirements directly calling the API’s is recommended. The Description of the signals are provided below.

In general, a reset signal is asserted during device startup to make sure the device begins operation from a known initial state each time it is powered up. It has X pixels and supports up to PRU avoids corruption and does not write over the memory till the packet is copied by the Host. The advantage of pacing is that a wm335x throughput is achieved while disadvantage is that if any critical packets need rtm be serviced immediately, it’s possible that some delay may occur.

I2C address of the codec is configured as Modify the ethPrioQueue value as per requirement.


The components are placed in a specific manner to accommodate future components and facilitate easy routing. Statistics are a great tool to debug issues on the switch. Queue 1 and Queue 3 are high priority queues for Port 1 and Port 2 respectively. To quickly verify if the logic is indeed dropping packets, try sending some broadcast packets at line rate to the device and check the value of PRU statistics variable stormPrevCounter.

Cold Reset and Warm Reset. This switch selects a 4bit hex value and a I2C converter allows this encoded value to be read by the AMx through the I2C0 port. The two documents must be used in conjunction to utilize them fully. The module is integrated with the driver so a developer need not bother about calling the API’s separately in the application unless there is a specific need to.

The accelerometer is connected via I2C0 of the processor. This is the memory from where ARM core operates. Port1 Statistics Map provided above. Please note as of Wednesday, August 15th, this wiki has been set to read only.

Sitara ADC HW Overview – Texas Instruments Wiki

To overcome this problem, a reset supervisor circuit can be used. This is called by default inside the driver. This signal is applied until the power supplies are stable and the device can begin normal operation.

Views Read View source Trj history. It’s not on the SoC and hence has a lower performance. Other hardware specific data can be stored in this memory as well. When a packet is received in firmware, the 3 bit PCP field of the VLAN tag is read and the packet is copied to the appropriate queue based on fixed mapping which maps 2 levels out of 8 of QoS to one queue.

This flash is connected to the SPI0 port of the processor. See statistics section on how to read this variable. Cyclic packets must be queued in Queue 0 before the trigger instant else two erroneous situations are possible:. All packets in queue 0 are cyclic packets. To change how many packets are accepted or rejected change the value in the structure. ttm


AMxStarterKitHardwareUsersGuide – Texas Instruments Wiki

Firmware refers to the code running on the two PRU’s which are part of ICSS while driver refers to that portion of code running on host which is directly associated with the firmware.

The following timing diagram explains the use of TTS. A reset signal is also applied during device operation when the microprocessor runs into an error condition which is undesirable for the current activity and all other error recovery mechanisms fail. They can tdm used for am335 tasks like sending or receiving a packet. The Pinout assignments for the headset jack are provided below. Please refer to it for more details. A lot of the memory is available for protocol or application specific usage, for more details refer to the a3m35x map.

Anything lower than this configured value goes to the callback function. The NIMU layer is explained in this guide.

OSD335x Reset Circuitry

The bucket size and number of buckets are in turn dictated by the choice of Hashing algorithm. It is not intended as a generic development platform as some of the features and interfaces supplied by the AMx are not accessible from the ICE board. Queue 0 high priority queue is reserved as the a,335x queue.

The I2C 0 address is b. A detailed description is given below. The goal of providing this is to help the developer in debugging.