I Life and Writings of Arrian. 3 wrote many original books. By far the most important of these is the Anabasis of Alexander, or the History of Alexander the Great’s. The Anabasis Alexandri is an historical account written by Arrian. During the early 16th century, the Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze bought a copy of this book. Anabasis Alexandri Book VIII has 7 ratings and 0 reviews. The two works of Arrianus (Arrian) * ANABASIS ALEXANDRI BOOK VIII (INDICA) * SUCESSORS OF.

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By this act more than by any other Alexander acquired popularity among the Macedonians. At the time of anagasis assassination Philip was just about to start on an expedition against Persia, which his son afterwards so successfully carried out.

He died in the reign of Marcus Aurelius. When all these concessions had been made to him, he marched away to Perga, and thence set out for Phrygia, his route leading him past the city of Termessus. The Battle of Arbela. Cyrus the Youilger was six days marching from Tarsus through this pass. Passage of the Euphrates and Tigris.

The Anabasis of Alexander by Arrian

Afc the present juncture the first repulse would be diflScult to retrieve, as well as perilous for the issue of the whole war. Capture of Aspendus and Side. But 1 The heavy cavalry, wholly or chiefly composed of Macedonians by birth, was known by the honourable name of iralpoi, Conapanions, or Brothers in Arms.

Then he invaded Lycia and brought over the Telmissians by capitulation ; and cross- ing the river Xanthus, the cities of Pinara, Xanthus, ‘ Patara, and about thirty other smaller towns were sur- rendered to him. Alexander advances to Myriandrus. Passage of the Hydaspes XIV. The Tragedy of Triumph.

Defeat op the Persians. Preparations for a Voyage down the Indus. The Army Recruited from the Persians. Reflections on the Pate of Darius. The earlier literary efforts of Arrian were philosophical.


It is uncertain which river is the Lyginus ; anabasie perhaps it was another name for the Osoius.

The Anabasis of Alexander

In his youth he was placed under the tuition of Aristotle, who acquired very great mfluence over his mind and character, and retained it until his pupil was spoiled by his un- paralleled successes. Rumour that Alexander was Poisoned.

Notwithstanding the superiority of the Persian fleet, Parmenio advised Alexander to fight a sea-battle, ex- pecting that the Greeks would be victorious with their fleet both for other reasons and especially because an omen from the deity made him confident of the result ; for an eagle had been seen sitting ijpon the shore, opposite alexandei sterns of Alexander’s ships.

But in my opinion the narratives of Ptolemy and Aristobulus are more worthy of credit than the rest; Aristobulus, because he served under king Alexander in his expedition, and Ptolemy, not only because he accompanied Alexander in his expedition, but also because he was himself a king afterwards, and falsification of facts would have been more disgraceful ababasis him than to any other man.

Neoptolemus, the brother of Arrhabaeus, son of Amyntas, one of anbasis who had deserted aleaxndri Darius, was killed, with about others of the enemy. Of the other cavalry over sixty were slain, and of the infantry, about thirty. On the fourth day Alexander arrived at Ephesus, where he recalled from exile all the men who had been banished 1 Memnon had succeeded his brother Mentor as governor for the Persian king of the territory near the Hellespont.

Anabasis Alexandri Book VIII: Indica by Arrian

Alliance with the Scythians and Chorasmians. Two other geographical works, The Periplus of the Bed Sea alexandti The Periplus of the Euxine, formerly ascribed to Arrian, are proved to belong to a later date. They subsequently migrated north of this river, and were driven further west by the Sarmatians.

Voyage down the Indus. The Anabasis gives a broadly chronological account of the reign of Alexander the Great of Macedon — BCwith a particular focus on military matters. Leading the phalanx against these, and ordering the cavalry to fall upon them from all sides in the midst, he soon cut them up, so that none of them escaped except such as might have alexxndri themselves among the dead bodies.


As soon as news of the calamity which had befallen the Thebans reached the other Greeks, the Arcadians, who had set out from their own land for the purpose of giving aid to the Thebans, passed sentence of death on those who had instigated them to render aid.

Book 4 describes the alexandir Sogdian campaign of BC against BessusSpitamenesand Oxyartessnabasis the early stages of the campaigns in the Punjab BCwith a notable departure from chronological sequence at 4. Besides the large works, we learn from Photius cod. Porus obstructs Alexander’s Passage. The Worship of Hercules in Tyre.

The Anabasis of Alexander by Arrian – Free Ebook

The latter untrustworthy book Arrian wished to supplant by his own narrative, principally based on the works of Megasthenes and Nearchus. Upon this, Alexnadri ordered the Mace- donians to raise the battle cry and make a clatter with their spears upon their shields;, and the Taulantians, being still more alarmed at the noise, led their army back to the city with all speed. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Invasion of the Land of the Cathaeans. The barharous conduct of Alexander towards Philotas four years after, when contrasted with his noble confidence in Philip, shows the bad effect of his unparalleled success, upon his moral character.

Finn Newbury rated it liked it Apr 11, At last, however, they were overmatched both by the number of their assailants anabais the disadvantage of their own position; for the enemy made the attack upon them, and threw darts at them from a higher level. Thanks for telling us about the problem. No trivia or quizzes yet.