is Andreas Capellanus’ De Amore. This disconcerting treatise provides us with the only true art of courtly love that we possess, but it also contains a very harsh. The Literary Comedy of Andreas Capellanus. Michael D. Cherniss. The earliest recorded information about Andreas Capellanus’s De amore indicates that only. De Amore reflects 12th century thought through its outline of the principles governing De Amore, written by Andreas Capellanus, is a treatise about the art of.

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De Amore by Andreas Capellanus

Der Christliche Glaube Friedrich Schleiermacher. Views Read Edit View history.

P dagogik Friedrich Schleiermacher. Throughout the work there are references to Eleanor of AquitaineErmengarde of Narbonne, and the Countess Marie of Champagne, whose theories inspired Andreas to write his treatise.

Perhaps the clerkly audience, to which Andreas presumably addressed capellanux, was so conditioned by the 1. It remained for other scholars, presumably influenced by Bossuat or Parry, to do this.

De amore – Über die Liebe : Andreas Capellanus :

One cannot, however, read much of this critical literature without noticing that the same works, and indeed the same passages, of the identical authorities are frequently cited to support widely differing interpretations. Literature of the Western World. Udo K hne in: Thus if, after a long period of proof, he is found worthy of love, a woman of the higher nobility may choose a plebian gentlemen as her lover.

In a similar vein, Andreas describes nuns as easy to seduce, although he condemns anyone who does so as a “disgusting animal. In terms of the history of human thought and literature, this famous text is of great relevance to literary scholars, medievalists, historians, theologians, and cultural historians, and serves as the basis for an understanding of courtly love poetry during the Middle Ages.


Andreas Capellanus was the twelfth century author of a treatise commonly titled De amore “About Love”also known as De arte honeste amandifor which a possible English translation is The Art of Courtly Love. Although, your virtue is greatly to be praised, I am young and I shudder at the thought of the embraces of old men. These dialogues are followed by short discussions of love with priests, with nuns, for money, with peasant women, and with prostitutes pp. Iwein Hartmann von Aue.

Age, blindness and excessive passion are all bars to true love. In spite of all this, some case might conceivably be made in favor of hidden meanings. The dialogs are delightful compositions, with many well-crafted arguments albeit based on medieval rather than modern concepts by both the ardent suitor and the skeptical lady; typically, the older man asks to be rewarded for his accomplishments whereas the young men or men of lower birth ask to be given inspiration so that they might accomplish something.

Let us suppose, nevertheless, that Drouart was considering the translation of an edifying work, a project meritorious in itself. Das Nibelungenlied Hermann Reichert. Grabmann that it was not the first two books, but rather the third, the De reprobatione, that the Bishop did not take seriously. Et tele amour est vertueuse, Ne n’est a son proime greveuse. Speculum 17 What is the Effect of Love This is the effect of love: De Amorewritten by Andreas Capellanus, is a wndreas about the art of courtly lovereflecting also the thought of the 12th century.


Later in the same article p. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. If a man of the middle class seeks to join andreaa in love with a women of the higher nobility, he ought to have a multitude of good qualities, for in order for a lower-born man to be worthy to seek the love of a higher born woman, he should be filled with inumerable good qualities, and an infinite number of good deeds should extol him.

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. On the contrary, there is a king in Hungary who has very fat legs and big feet, and is almost entirely destitute of beauty.

De amore – Über die Liebe

Car en cest monde puet avoir Double amour, ce dois tu savoir. But your words show clearly that you refuse to love me and that this is because of the capellanks of my inferior rank, even though I have great virtue. In order to meet the requirements of the courtly system, love must not be too easily obtained.

Walsh includes Trojel’s Latin text with his own facing English translation with explanatory notes, commentary and indexes, along with introduction which sets the treatise in its contemporary context and assesses its purpose and importance.