Designation: B − Standard . chaser shall state ASTM B, the date of issue, service . Corrosion Resistance—Zinc coatings with Types II, III. ASTM B ELECTRODEPOSITED COATINGS OF ZINC ON IRON AND STEEL. Type II, Zinc coating with colorful chromate passivation, 96 hours 48 hours. Zinc Plating Finish Specification ASTM-B Type II With supplementary chromate treatment. Type III With supplementary colorless chromate treatment.

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There is a nickel finish for almost any need.

To determine the nature of accuracy or revision level please verify above data with current releases: Specification covers standard recommendation practice for cleaning and de-scaling stainless steel parts, equipment and systems.

Class 1A For maximum protection from corrosion, for surfaces to be painted or left unpainted. Zinc coating with colorful chromate passivation.

ASTM B-633 Type II vs. III zinc plating

Had very high luster in fused condition. Provides very hard ceramic type coating.

Astm-h633 coating is made according to demand, where the distribution is as follows: Corrosion Resistance Requirements Types. Zinc ASTM-B This specification covers requirements for electrodeposited zinc coatings applied to iron or steel articles to protect them from corrosion. Our barrel, station line enables us to process thousands of pounds of material every day. Asrm-b633 Drab chromate is hrs. Minimum weight Type II coatings.

III zinc plating A discussion started in but continuing through Q.


Zinc Coating

It would be “bright, blue” — that is, shiny and metallic but with a bluish rather than a yellowish cast. Is this process done in the United States, and satm-b633 so by whom? Electrical charasteristics As i as the last layer of the passivation is thin the electrical resistivity is low. The revision addresses RoHS concerns and specifically allows non-hexavalent chromate treatments. Type II chromates are more commonly used where greater corrosion resistance is required, e.

As the USA moved toward metric fasteners, for a while there was a move to dye them blue. Surfaces to be painted should be ONLY lightly chromated.

This is not considered a decorative finish and will not generate matching parts. All parts with ultimate tensile strength M. With phosphate conversion coatings. From beautiful Pine Beach New Jersey: Does plating make that big a difference knowing that it’s going to be painted also?

Zinc plating is usually considered a functional coating, not a decorative one. High strength steels tensile strength greater than M. Does anybody know this info? What type of zinc plating bath is your plater using? Regards, Ted Mooney, P. Hi, I recently received 2 batches of parts from two separate platers using this specification.

Try using an acid zinc chloride bath and see if the casting covers. III is colorless and not expected to hold up as long as the colored II. Barrel Zinc Smaller parts, including fasteners, hardware, and metal stampings can be efficiently and economically handled in Professional Plating’s Barrel Zinc Plating line.


Zinc Plating: ASTM B Type II vs. III

High strength steels tensile strength greater than MPa shall not be electroplated. I am not getting the difference between this.

You can get the same finish only for blue and black hex chrome with tri substitutes, but not for yellow or olive as of yet. They share, however, the most basic of metal finishing requirements: Decorative charastreistics The exterior visual determined according to last layer. Our Zinc coating is carried out according to: He passed away Astm-633 14, This applies to all metals.

Iron metals rust relative quickly, even in a non-corrosive environment. Olive green and Black passivation is thick and has high electrical resistance. A Iron or steel with zinc electroplate. Can be tye in darker colors depending on thickness.

It still will have Hex Chrome. The exterior visual determined according to last layer. Most aluminum alloys depending on process used. Thank you for your hard work which the sstm-b633 world continues to benefit from.

Barrel Zinc – Finishes – Professional Plating Inc.

Some of today’s proprietary trivalent chromium coatings are very thin and consequently will not generate a highly saturated color though.

Color will vary from light tan to black depending on alloy and thickness. For steels containing large amounts 0. Color will vary with alloy.