Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation – Kindle edition by Michael Tsarion. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation seeks to clarify much of the disinformation about Atlantis and the lost continents of prehistory. It concentrates . ATLANTIS: Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation [Michael Tsarion] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Born in Ireland, Michael Tsarion.

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What made me read it now?

Are you Homo Sapiens or Homo Atlantis? Michael’s presentations on Atlantis, Lemuria and the prediluvian epoch have been acclaimed by veterans in the field of paranormal research.

The author also provides numerous sources for further reading. Althought i dont agree with some of the Michael Tsarion theories, i found this book very interesting.

Their faces were like the shining sun; their eyes were like burning lamps; from their mouths fire was coming forth; their clothing atlants various singing; their wings were more glistening that gold; their hands were whiter than snow…And they took me up onto their wings, and carried me up to the first heaven, and attlantis me on the clouds.

Man shall be his name. His book clarifies the disinformation about Atlantis and the lost continents of prehistory.

Such as the ancient gods that came to earth and created humans. It is our time to reawaken and tsadion the ones desecrating this world.

Atlantis, Alien Visitation & Genetic Manipulation

In the next decade, humankind is set to discover the truth about its origin and history. Now I’m watching the ever fascinating series on Netflix, that resembles this book in many ways, called Ancient Aliens, which originally aired on the History Channel.


Awesome work – very intelligent and talented. It then took anotheryears before Neanderthal man mastered the concept of stone tools, and a further 50, years before crops were cultivated and metallurgy was discovered. Not ancient religion but ancient facts. Academics avoid dealing with the problem of evil because they know what a threat the answers pose to the Establishment, and particularly to religion. Are we purposely kept in a state of psychic trauma?

Why are there images of helicopters, planes and submarines on the walls of prehistoric temples? Who or what was the serpent in the garden?

Why are towns and cities laid out as they are? What is the difference between Atlantis and Lemuria? Atlantis and ancient people and events historian. Refresh and try again. An expert on the occult histories of Ireland and America, has made the deepest researches into the comparative mythologies of the world and into his own country’s ancient and mysterious Celtic Tradition.

Adman Adman rated it it was amazing Jul 13, Fawzi rated it really liked it Dec 14, Jan 19, Eddie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Now, back down the rabbit hole I go!

Oct 27, Denise Schiller rated it liked it. All I know is if someone put a million books in front of me and had me arrange them in order from books I really want to read the most to books I want to read the least, looking at the premise of this book, I would have prematurely judged it and put it towards the bottom.

The Destruction Of Atlantis – by Michael Tsarion

In the tradition of Comyns Beaumont, Ignatius Donnelly, Immanuel Velikovsky, William Bramley and Erich von Daniken, Michael considers the consequences to civilization of extra-terrestrial involvement and seeks to clarify many of the quandaries that other “visitation” experts have overlooked.


Hence, by all scales of evolutionary reckoning, we should still be as far removed from any basic understanding of mathematics, engineering or science – But here we are, only 7, years later, landing probes on Mars…So, how did we inherit this wisdom, and from whom?

Feb 20, Sebastian rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: He has pulled together the ancient text and stories into a timeline of events. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Nov 28, Lora Lois rated it it was amazing. This book is incredible So I took forever to read it.

Atlantis, Alien Visitation & Genetic Manipulation by Michael Tsarion

To view it, click here. Some of his depth grabs you by the collar and slaps you across the face very hard. What was the difference between Atlantis and Lemuria? Perhaps, they were from Atlantis.

If Eve did not precipitate the Fall, who did? Just blew me away. Maria Pavic rated it it was arlantis Jul 01, Enlightening message Thanks to material such as this we no longer have to walk in darkness. Mar 11, Teri Gaddy rated it it was amazing.