audioXpress: January , vol, No The Tuba 18 sub, Dutch tube circuits, The Kleinhorn, Noise meter amp, Passive pre-amp (transformers used), Test CD . audioXpress Back Issues January “The Tuba 18 Sub” “Vintage Glass- -Dutch Schematics” “Balance Control for the Hafler DH” “The Kleinhorn. Your one-stop shop to audioXpress and Circuit Cellar products. Keeping you up- to-date on trending developments in audio and embedded electronics.

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This article explains about hands attached in the same way but where the glass is not round and cannot rotate. I added a description for a single channel compressor-expander as well. And Samplitude now supports CPUs with up to 32 cores!

In this article, the audioxpresw used in a clean, sweet-sounding, single-ended design.

audioXpress: May , vol, No.5 | Hifi Collective

Here are the results! The mystery is how the hands are driven without any visible means. A speaker is in the background, but doesn’t show up in this image. This test was similar to the way we tested microphones where I worked at the Sonotone Corporation. Several iron cores aaudioxpress exceptionally good, even up to watts, and a few were bad, even at 15 watts. When the center of the audiocpress is only 30″ from the attic floor, it’s hard to get around up there. Here is a top view of the stereo version showing the wiring.


Medias this blog was made to help people to easily download or read PDF files. This is a construction project.

No crossovers are used and electronic equalization corrects for response. It consists of two identical but separate amps laid out on the same PCB. We looked at the most-read articles of in audioXpress. Feel Free To Contact Us.

Four Hybrid Solid-State Power Amplifiers

They are brand new replacements with the correct color caps. Read the complete article here.

Upgrading a Unique Stereo Column System. The Audio Voice Newsletter. The Mastercrafters model “Fantasy” and the Haddon “South Wind” mystery clocks are described in this article. The ear is a biological transducer transforming acoustical energy into mechanical energy and then to electrical pulses.

AudioXpress (Vol.36 Issue.02) February 2005 Issue

Procedures are outlined for measuring response, harmonic distortion, intermodulation distortion and impedance. You have a choice of 3 colors White, Blue and Green.

The pendant line offers both 4″ WP4BT and 6. This is a led upgrade service for your to manual slide climate control pictured above.

aidioxpress This will fit both long and short versions. Many articles have appeared regarding projects using one of the most sturdy, versatile, and trustworthy audio tubes ever made — the DC balance controls allow adjustment so the lamps just extinguish when there’s no input signal. It described the procedures on how to measure high compliance woofer characteristics and audiopress to select the appropriate cabinet size without the need for building a test cabinet.


Like all NewClassic products, the model Pre represents a new generation of affordable, high performance audio products from Parasound.


The Golden Hour was sold essentially unchanged for 41 years starting in December of Literature Magazines AudioXpress Magazine AudioXpress Magazine Audio Amateur Inc is a niche publishing company that has been leading the field as the authority on build-it-yourself audio for over 30 years. My earlier article describes clocks that have one audioxprress more rotation clear discs, with hands attached to the center.

The Audio Voice Newsletter.

May 28, by Mark Driedger. They are brand new high quality bulbs not the cheap junk from China.

June is — we have to say it — undoubtedly one of the most diverse and interesting issues we have put together. It is based on two of my earlier patents.