BattleTech: Technical Readout: – THE SUCCESSION WARSIn the Star League was officially abandoned, ending a two hundred. Classic BattleTech Technical Readout: is the perfect “first Technical Readout” companion to the Classic BattleTech Introductory Box Set. Combining the. Classic BattleTech Technical Readout: _ë_ë¢ is the perfect ˆ_Ñ??first Technical Readoutˆ? companion to the Classic BattleTech.

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Harasser Missile Platform “Mini-Peggy”. Demolisher Heavy Tank Defensive. Harasser Missile Platform “Leaping Lisa”. Mark Community Read Forums Mark all as read.

It also has the reprint of aerospace fighters, a chapter devoted to conventional atmospheric fighters and, save for not being space-capable, some of them are downright terrifyingand combat vehicles. At the time of this review, Technical Readout: Skulker Wheeled Scout Tank Standard. J Ordnance Transport Trailer. Each machine is illustrated in techniacl, accompanied by readojt description of its history, capabilities, game stats, along with their most famous pilots.


Drillson Heavy Hover Tank Standard. However, tfchnical discovery of the Helm Memory Core started to unlock such sought-after secrets, with new BattleMechs and experimental technologies emerging for the first time in centuries. Planetlifter Air Transport Manazuru. Hetzer Wheeled Assault Gun Scout.

Hunter Light Support Tank Ammo.

Demolisher Heavy Tank Standard, Mk. And it sets the baseline for units in the game.

Harasser Missile Platform Flamer. Savannah Master Hovercraft Standard. I know is supposed to include the “Unseen” mechs but from an art perspective, is it using the art, or new art for the unseen? It has all the units from andmany of the designs from the short-production Technical Readout: Posted 30 September – Condor Heavy Hover Tank Standard. Honestly if you’re just looking for the artwork, TRO Project Phoenix is your best bet if you can find it. Saladin Assault Hover Tank Armor.

Armored Personnel Carrier Hover.

Battletech Technical Readout by Catalyst Game Labs | LibraryThing

Saladin Assault Hover Tank Standard. Subscribe to Our Free Newsletter. Hunter Light Support Tank Standard. Planetlifter Air Transport Yangtze.


Technical Readout: 3025

The older art is very much in the Gundam-style, with handheld weapons and suchlike. Pegasus Scout Hover Tank Sensors. Light Strike Fighter Suzume “Sparrow”. Edgar Light Hover Tank Kurita. Edgar Light Hover Tank Standard.

Technical Readout 3039 Question

Boomerang Spotter Plane Warbler. Saladin Assault Hover Tank Ultra. Edited by Lord Ikka, 30 September – Edgar Light Hover Tank Flamer.

Armored Personnel Carrier Tracked.