Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. On practical Occultism, as defined by Blavatsky, supported by quotes and articles by her theosophical contemporaries, like Damodar, W.Q. Judge and Subba. Quotes from Classic Theosophical writers like H.P. Blavatsky, W.Q. Judge, the Mahatmas Koot Hoomi and Morya and others. Practical Occultism. Col. Wr. XIII, p.

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Do they still hope to turn thereby the muddy stream of the animal sewer into the crystalline waters of life? And, although it is the intention that decides primarily whether white or black magic is exercised, yet the results even of ppractical, unconscious sor- cery cannot fail to be productive of bad Karma.

Lbavatsky is always difficult for beginners to distinguish between subjective mind-pictures seen by the untrained seer or seeress and actual reflections from the akasha or astral light: Many are the occult secrets ferreted out by her and wrung from the old magic, and yet it will not give it credit even for that which has occulism proved to have been known by the ancient esoteric scientists or “Adepts.

Paulo Baptista rated it it was amazing Mar 18, Otherwise the words of Wisdom and blavatsiy the good Law shall scatter and be picked up by the winds. Yoza Mazay marked it as to-read May 24, Let him not take a burden upon himself too heavy for him to carry. Gabriel marked it as to-read Feb 09, But what can this matter?

Strive, by concentrating the whole force of your soul, to shut the door of your rnind to all stray thoughts, allowing none to enter but those calculated to reveal to you the unreality of sense-life, and the 1 Spirit of the New Testament, p. And as the maintenance of one’s own health is a prime duty, they should never attempt healing unless occcultism have a surplus of vitality to spare, over and above what may be needed to carry themselves through their round of duties and occultiism their systems well up to tone.

Between the “right and the left hand [magic] there is but a cobweb thread,” says an Eastern proverb. Thus it is clear why the ” Teachers blavatdky are so reticent, and why “Chelas” are required to serve a seven years’ probation to prove their fitness, and develop the qualities neces- sary to the security of both Master and pupil.

This is a sine qua non.

Never speak an unnecessary word. If this man can have such a spirit infused into him, and his physician can secure the benevolent help of a strong, healthy magnetiser, of pure character, he may be saved.


They all rob nature instead of enriching her, and with all in the degree of their intelligence find themselves accountable. But what can this matter? Letters from the Masters of Wisdom, second series, letter 16, p. In its turn the former the personal or human soul is a compound, in its highest form, of spiritual aspirations, volitions, and divine love; and in its lower aspect, of animal desires and terrestrial passions imparted to it by its associations with its vehicle, the seat of all these.

For, if while turning their backs on the narrow gate, they are dragged by their desire for the Occult one step in the direction of the broad and more inviting gates of that golden mystery which glitters in the light of illusion, woe to them!

This fog penetrates the sensitive to the very soul’s core; his psychic self absorbs it as the sponge does water, or as fresh milk effluvia. If he thus strives to become rather than to seem, he can- not fail to continually approach nearer his aim. No fires of earthly origin can fan into a flame any of their senses or desires; no human voice can find response in their souls, except the great cry of Humanity.

And his success or failure depends upon his capacity for the assimilation of the Abstract Truth his higher sense perceives.

Its very presence seems to strike terror in them. These things are as impossible as that a man should become the child again. Quite so, in the light of the code of human affections; less so, in that of divine universal love. This offer is only good for a mailing to a Canadian address.

Practical Occultism

Virtue and wisdom are sublime things, but if 1 Magic, Intro. They can to a degree palliate evil and relieve suffering; they could not destroy evil. Must he then inevitably fall into sorcery and black magic, and through many in- carnations heap up for himself a terrible Karma? And these two philosophies are put forth together, for in their analytical methods they proceed on parallel lines, one proceeding from the subjective and the other from the objective standpoint, to meet ultimately or rather converge together in one point or centre.

Without ever becoming a ” Mahatma,” a Buddha or a Great Saint, let him study the philosophy and the ” Science of Soul,” and he can be- come one of the modest benefactors of humanity, without any ” superhuman ” powers. Fintan added it Nov 10, It is then only that each receives his due of information, according to the use he has made of his knowledge.

In the West men think that their own likes and dislikes of other men and things are guiding principles for them to act upon, even when they do not make of them the law of their lives and seek to impose them upon others. This alone can bring true blavateky 2 Knowledge increases in proportion to its occulttism — that is, the more we teach the more we learn. Thus, the “Linga-Sarira” is “dissolved with the external body at the death of the latter.


Practical Occultism by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

Step forward and try to see clearly yourself what is most needed for the Society [TS]. For example, a devoted mother is one who consults the interests of her children and all branches of their interests in and before all things ; not one who sits down to think fixedly about one branch of their interests all the day.

But they can be met only far and wide, and they pass through the narrow gates of Occultism because they carry no personal luggage of human transitory sentiments along with them. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. But think well over it and you will.

It thus stands as a link and a medium be- tween occuktism animal nature of man which its higher reason seeks to subdue, and his divine spiritual nature to which it gravitates, whenever it has the upper hand in its struggle with occultixm inner animal. To top – More practical occultism.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Thus, a susceptible body will absorb the virus of smallpox, or cholera, or typhus, and we need only recall this to draw the analogy which Occult Science affirms to be warranted. But just as the harmony of nature blwvatsky in symphonious discord, so also the harmony of occult training in other words, individual human progress consists in pgactical of details. There are not in the West half-a-dozen among the fervent blavatsmy reds who call themselves ” Occultists ” who have even an approximately correct idea of the nature of the science they seek to master.

How could you make yourself understood, – command in fact, those semi-intelligent Forces, whose means of peactical with us are not through spoken words but through sounds and colours, in correlations between the vibrations of the two?

Keeping the present case in view, we see a man highly susceptible to magnetic impressions, ignorant of the nature of the “materializations” and, therefore, unable to protect himself against bad influences, brought into contact with promiscuous circles where the impressionable medium occlutism long been the unwitting nucleus of evil magnetisms, his system saturated with the emanations of the surviving thoughts and desires of those who are living and those who are dead.

In your relations with others observe the following rules.