This is to ensure the intended name is approved by SSM. For each name search, application is via Form 13A and fee of RM Result for the application will be. SSM e-Info Services is an Internet based service to provide search and purchase of registered company (ROC) and business (ROB) information online. This is. Sep 19, TINGKAT 17, MENARA SSM Bersama-sama ini disertakan Borang 13A untuk carian nama berikut: . MENARA SSM Telefon:

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This Getting Started Guide is intended to provide you with step-by-step instructions as you become familiar with Tupperware s sales force web site, My. In the following page, click the Maybank2U tab.

Change Company Name from shelf company name or existing company name – Tukar Nama Syarikat

Brief on More information. A mark includes words, logos, pictures, names, letters, numbers or a combination of these.

Perform the necessary amendments. Puncak Semangat Sdn Bhd, Page 11 of To view the receipt for this name change: All the requirements of the Companies Act, and of the Companies Regulations in respect of matters precedent to sam registration of the Company and incidental to its registration have been complied with.

In this Job Aid, you will learn. Puncak Semangat Sdn Bogang, Page 75 of Puncak Semangat Sdn Bhd, Page 40 of The first release of the warehouse contains More information. If the proposed name is similar to that of a related or associated corporation, state whether written consent has been obtained from the said corporation please attach consent: Maklumat lanjut layari Reject Permohonan carian nama tidak dapat dipertimbangkan.


Click Save if you wish to save the details without proceeding. Select the postcode from the drop down list.

E-book-Company Secretarial Practice Workshop

After the receipt of the certificate of incorporation from the CCM, the first board meeting should be held as soon as possible to deal with certain matters to comply with the requirements of the Companies Act CA and the articles of the company and also to deal with certain formalities of the company to get the company going.

FermiWorks is a one-stop shop for all of your human. All documentation, source programs, object. How to Search More information. An from stating that the online payment via FPX is successful will be sent to your address which you have entered previously in FPX window. And can be signed by the new name company secretary ……………. You will also receive an notification if your submission is placed under query. From the Registered City drop down list, select the city for the address.

Puncak Semangat Sdn Bhd, Page 10 of Choice Function – A trade mark enables consumers to choose goods and services with ease while shopping.


If the name you searched is exactly the same as a name that has been registered, you will see the following message. Mark the checkboxes that are applicable.

The Implementation of SSM Enterprise Gateway (MyCoID) With Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM)

My Profile Information The My Profile tab houses information on your MyCoID account borng as the address you used for registration, your security question, security answer and more. A list of your payment transactions displays. You can preview the forms by clicking the Preview icon. Puncak Semangat Sdn Bhd, Page 33 of Please confirm availability with your.

You can search another name by repeating steps 1 to To proceed with the name that you have searched, click Pay. Or user can click Click Here to Complete Your Transaction button to complete the transaction and redirect to merchant s page, or just wait for 33 seconds to be redirected automatically to the merchant s page.

Once you choose this action, ss information cannot be edited anymore.

The name is reserved for the applicant for a period of three months. To appoint chairman of the Board. Puncak Semangat Sdn Sem, Page 94 of