Signal Processors (DSPs): C/CB .. This data sheet revision history highlights the technical changes made to the SPRSI device-specific data. Read about ‘Spectrum Digital: C DSP Kit (DSK) for TI TMSC’ on Datasheet, ALTERA: Datasheet for ALTERA MAX C MHz. MFLOPS. Time. Volume production. Roadmap high- precision C DSP. Its . TMSCB, TMSCC DSPs Data Sheet.

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The following CAS latencies and internal banks are supported:. If it is necessary to drive the GPIO output to the high-impedance state, the GPIO pins can be configured as an input pin and then changed to an output pin.

The CB does dataheet have the problem with damage under these circumstances, but there is no way to predict the value at any output or any internal state before RESET has been pulled low. It supports FIFO size of bit. The table below shows a comparison between these two devices. The following are additional interfaces in the C device that do not exist in C Use of the information on this site may require a license from a third party, or a license from TI. The maximum frame rate is determined ddatasheet the image size in combination with the pixel clock rate.

C supports 9 banks of GPIO signals. The DSP is in the wait for interrupt sleep mode and all peripherals are disabled. Thank you very much! Depending on your bootmode and other configuration settings, the datasheet explains the initial states of all the pins.

As it exceedsagain the sound level becomes low again. The eCAP module has 4 event time-stamp registers and captures single shot or continuous mode. Could you tell me? The controller supports up to four asynchronous CS signals.


This mode starts downloading code from an I2C. This thread has been locked. Feb 20, 1: Please refer to the CB datasheet section on Reset. Views Read View source View history. The controller supports the following devices:.

You can verify by checking the datasheet. In reply to Antony Samsunil:. I would like to confirm what state of the GPIO between powerup and negedge of reset.

TMSC to TMSC Migration Guide – Texas Instruments Wiki

C can boot from UART The newly created question will be automatically linked to this question. I am wondering if someone else has done configuring the aic23 control register while it is transferring data. Feb 19, 9: Thank you very much for your answer!

In my mind, i could do — after pressing the switch, do stop the data transfer, close all communication, then restart from beginning i. It also supports 16 Quick DMA channels.

This tells you that without a hardware reset, the DSP is not in a known good state out of power-up. It supports 1 CS on each port and bit word length. This page has been accessed 2, times. Up to 4 CS signals are supported.

Please note as of Wednesday, August 15th, this wiki has been set to read only. In reply to RandyP:. The C and the C devices are offered in two dafasheet package types. The C support two 2 SPI ports. Please refer the individual device datasheet for detailed pin outs, terminal functions and BGA ball map for the package type mentioned below. Create free account Forgot password? It will take only a small amount of code, and once you datazheet it working, you will be able to update any AIC23 register.


All of the documentation referenced in this migration guide can also be found on the TI website located in the respective product folders.

The device folders are found at the following web pages. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. Go to Support forums. Regards Antony Please click the Verify Answer button on this post if it answers your question. This document provides a summary of the significant c6731 in the C and C devices, and may be used as a help for planning a migration to the C device.

Due to the holidays, responses may be delayed.

What is the state of the C6713 GPIO pin between powerup and negedge of reset?

No license, either express or implied, by estoppel or otherwise, is granted by TI. TI is a global semiconductor design and manufacturing company. If there is a particular pin in a particular mode that you do not understand the datasheet’s description for, please let us know. From Texas Instruments Wiki. Hope this statement clears your clarification.

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