to meet you. If you are wondering where this is, take a look at cadstar, my “home”- page. Self Teach/ directory, then click [START]. You can . 4 PCB Design Self Teach Course. A Block Diagram Of The System. The complete CADSTAR system, including libraries, is shown below: The purpose of each. Re: CADSTAR tutorial or book. try the express tutorial on the zuken website. If you search then the self teach files are available too.

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This section also introduces some of the toolbar icons and their functions. Editor XR attempts to fit the whole of the visible screen into the size of the box you draw.

This tool is useful in situations where many components are displaced by dynamic pushing. Alternatively, you can select nets by cxdstar or by attribute value using the Add from list dialog.

Set it to be blue.

Select another connection and route a few segments. The manual route tool can neck the first segment of a wide track as it leaves a pad.

Browse the folder tree or type in a directory path into the Folder Name edit control and click on OK The Choose Destination Folder dialog is displayed again. All trademarks are hereby acknowledged.

Make any selection from cadstad list.

Select Manual Route and select any connection on the design This is found in the Utilities toolbar. You can edit attributes at any time, provided the edit is permitted. In this task you will be setting attributes to control the exit directions of routes from these pins. Notice how an item in the design becomes highlighted with a dashed outline and the status bar changes to describe that item.

The status bar changes to identify the second item, and the second item is highlighted with a dashed outline. The levels available, showing the order of precedence, are: Task – to stack the components round the board outline Also investigate the Attribute groups.


If you wish to change the destination of the installation of either the Application files or the User files from the default: Then you would wish to route the design and do a lot of automatic and interactive routing, or even some manual work. Select the Semi-automatic routing tool from the toolbar. You can leave the dialog displayed and continue with other tasks in P. The Testpoint Grid must also be equal to or be a whole number multiple of cadstsr Routing Grid to ensure that testpoints are properly routed.

Those changes are only invoked the next time P. The screen also shows a top bar that contains the menu options. This will highlight the field. Microsoft is a registered trademarks, and Casstar and the Windows logo are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Summary of important points o The manual and semi-automatic routing options give you control over the routing operation.

Cadstqr can do this using the Attributes command of the Import sub-menu from the File menu.

Self Teach.rar

Webinars PCB design webinars Electrical design webinars. Now you can enter a value in tewch text field at the bottom of the dialog. If you draw a small box, you will frame out a lot.

If you choose a large rectangle, then the tidy effect will be widespread and perhaps less predictable. Free Downloads Board Viewer E3. Using the following tools, swap a selected component to the other side of the board or rotate it – assuming that the component’s placement category allows such action.

Available for free, no time constraints Task – to determine the attributes of selected nets The routing data is saved in a RIF file saved in the router directory below the pcb directory.

Using the same method as above set the Placement Shape for layer 19 to be yellow. Click on Cancel on the progress dialog: Editor software for component placement and route editing. When you have finished placement and routing, you can return the design to your CAD layout application to complete any remaining stages of the design in preparation for manufacture.


Now click on the subitem Pad using the left-hand mouse button. It enables you to transfer the settings from your previous installation into the new version.

CADSTAR tutorial or book

Having processed the design once with P. Editor XR job is saved. Editor XR redraws the window, showing the new layer at the front of the display.

You need to upgrade to Windows XP or later to continue the installation. The manual will guide you through 4 complete PCB Design processes, from schematic capture through to output for manufacturing. Pan to the left or right Using the left-hand mouse button, you can select the scroll bar arrows to move in the required direction, or select and drag the box in the scroll bar.

Setting up your display Before you start any placement or routing, you should set up the colours used to display different items in your design.

CADSTAR PCB Self Teach – by Mike Rees – PDF Drive

Deselect this option if you do not wish to view the What’s New help file. Close preditor1 without saving any changes The changes you make are not applied to the design until the Apply button is pressed. You teac, of course, ccadstar the Undo option on the Edit menu to undo any mistakes that you make, and you can also limit the strength of the pushing force. The Selection toolbar contains the Select and Move tools plus four icons you use to set the tool focus.