Buy Calculus Basic Concepts for High School on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. L.V. TARASOV I. CALCULUS Basic Concepts for High Schools Translated f r o m the Russian by V. KlSlN and A. ZILBERMAN. MIR PUBLISHERS Moscow. L.V. TARASOV I. CALCULUS Basic Concepts for High Schools Translated f r o m the Russian by. V. KlSlN and A. ZILBERMAN. MIR PUBLISHERS Moscow.

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One of the very first physics books that I had purchased in Nagpur from the used book sellers which was not a story book was a book by Aldina Tarasova and Lev Tarasov. The title of the book was Questions and Answers in School Physics. The book was written in style of dialogue between a teacher and students, with misconceptions of the students explored in all branches of basic physics at the school level.

Reader will find this text to be perhaps more like a freely told story or, rather a freely conducted discussion.

Calculus Basic Concepts for High Schools

This is a book on physics education. But apart from this book there are other wonderful books by these authors. The English edition of this book was published in and was translated from the Russian by Nicholas Weinstein. You can download this wonderful book from here. I do not know if there are translations of this book in Indian languages, if you know of any please let me know. This is again a gem of a book. Many of my misconceptions in Quantum Mechanics got cleared from this book.

The book also has prelude and interlude where a classical physicist and a quantum physicist the author argue about many interesting physical and philosophical matters pertaining to physics. The English edition was published in I definitely know that there is a Bengali version of this book, but am unaware of any other translations in Indian languages. Please let me know any other Indian languages that you are aware of. You can download this book from here.

This book explores the concept of symmetry starting from everyday concepts and going all the way upto symmetry in Quantum Mechanics. This is one of the few Mir books which were technical and was printed completely in color. I know only of English hardbound edition of the book. I do not know if translations in other Indian languages exist. You can get the book here. Calculus by Tarasov is one of the most elusive books that I have been after.

I was told by someone that this book exists, I did not see any advertisement of this book, in the back of any book. And I searched in vain in all the libraries and contacts that I have, but could not find it.


Then a friend of mine located it through the wonderful internet resource called http: This particular website has catalogs of books from the thousands of libraries of the world, and what is interesting is that, if your library is part of their network then you can get books from other libraries as inter-library service.


Another copy of the book can be obtained here. Narayanan taeasov this copy. Lev Tarasov has also written 3 books on lasers.

Tarasov and Tarasova | Mir Books

In this I do not have the last one. Laser Age in Optics is a popular science book concerned with new trends in optics arising from development of the laser. The book has clear and concise description of many of the concepts in lasers and holograms and many things which are usually ignored are also talked about and is presented for a school level student. The English edition was first published in by Mir Publishers.

The book titled Laser Physics and Applications English translation published in is a bit more technical and can be a good textbook for beginners of a laser course.

Calculus by L V Tarasov

I have not seen the contents of the book just titled Lasersthe English edition was published in. I do not know if there are translations of any of these 3 book in Indian languages. Discussions on Refraction of Ligh t: I have given description of this book in the Science for Everyone series. But I am mentioning this book again with some details. The book is lively and written with lot of historical anecdotes and good problems at the end of each chapter. Why does a beam of light change its direction when passing through the interface between two media?

Why does the setting sun appear oblate on the horizon? Why does a prism disperse sunlight into different colours? How can one calculate the angular dimensions of a rainbow? Why do distant taraov appear close when we view them through a tadasov What is the structure of the human eye? Why does a light ray get broken into two in a crystal? Can the plane of the polarization of tarqsov ray be turned? Can light rays be bent at will? Is the refractive index controllable? This book will give the reader answers t o all these questions.

To make the historical and the physical aspects of the book more convincing, the authors have introduced a number of problems and their detailed solutions, geometrical constructions, and optical diagrams of some instruments and devices. Thus, as he explores the world of refracted rays, the reader will be able to familiarize himself not only with the physics of the topics being considered but also with the evolution of some of the concepts of physics and their practical applications to problems, constructions and optical schemes.

This book was first published in English in by Mir in the Science for Everyone series. This was found by using world cat mentioned above. You can download the book from here.

So these are some of the books by the wonderful authors to whom I am grateful for a lot of things that they have taught me from their books.

And I think a lot many people who are out there who will have a resonating feeling inside them. If there are any other books by Lev Tarasov and Aldina Tarasova that are not mentioned here please let me know.


It was translated from the Russian by Michael Burov. I have not seen this book, so lets hope this one gets through to the electronic media soon. Okay we have the book. I have been following your many blogs on this subect. I know for some reason you are not uploading all of them, not sure why. MIR books were simply awesome. I grew up reading them. They definitely sparked the scientific interest in me.

Looking at those books I also realize why India will be always scientifically many many steps behind Russia etc. RRP, Thanks for the kind words. I have updated the links and also added the link for Laser Age in Optics. Already many of the scans of these books are on the internet, but soon I will also put the links on the earlier posts.

I keep googling for them for days on end and downloaded whichever is there: Some of them are from Progress Publishers. Some day i can scan it and put on net. I dont have a scanner yet. Which scanner is best for this task? Hey thanks for the link! I did not know about this one. I am going to put a post soon on some of the titles that you have mentioned, particularly pertaining to the Periodic Table and Elements. You can have any scanner as long as it scansbut post processing is more important.

For some post processing tips, tricks and Free Software packages to do so check out: Check out the amazing site: Seems there is no link to tarasova Symmetrical World. Amazed at your dedication for a noble cause. Awesome collection… Thanks a lot for providing the links of all these books.

As for as i remember he wrote 5 books. Any idea where can i get the other ones? Tarasov and Perelman were two great teachers of my childhood and youth who inflamed the love of physics and mathematics in my heart and made me a teacher and writer of physics and mathematics in my country Iran! I do not know about Tarasov and his wife, there seems to be very little known about them apart from what is mentioned in the introductions of the books. Yakov Perelman died long time back in the siege of Stalingrad in The link is not working.

Could you please help me. I am in desperate need of it Damitr. I concur with whatever you said about MIR publications. I do have some books. I request to know the password. Please contact me as soon as possible. For password, check at end of the post. As for the World is Built on Probability can you scan them?