Welcome to COSMOS MISSIONS This is guide to Caldari Cosmos missions in Eve Online. In this guide you will find details on how to complete each and. Caldari COSMOS by Jowen Datloran. Okkelen constellation. Introduction. My aim with this guide is to provide a thoroughly description of all available agent. The Caldari COSMOS constellation can raise faction standings from to over unmodified with no additional storyline missions run.

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This article is a stub. This page was last modified on 21 Julyat The new forums are live and can be found at https: This page should be updated due to game changes. While there are a few good guides that have been published by our fellow capsuleers, none have shown how to complete them in an easy to reference and user friendly way that also includes what we care most about when running these missions: Please refer to the detailed site descriptions to learn about the opposing factions and try to fit your tank accordingly.

Of course this can only be done with items that are available outside of these missions. For example if the mission is to take Oxygen from A cakdari B you can just take your own oxygen to B and complete the mission.

Personal tools Create account Log in. This page was last modified on 30 Septemberat The difficulty of Encounter missions – missons that don’t send you into a COMSOS complex, landmark of combat site – depends on the level of the agent.


They’re a bit old but the majority of the missions are still the calrari.

Are Caldari COSMOS missions good money? : Eve

Note this is unmodified standing, i. Access to each agent has a Caldari State faction standing requirement in order to be offered the trade.

No reason was specified. Kochi Utrainen and Akira Helkelen.

Missions & Complexes

Guess I’m just use to seeing walkthrough guides showing a picture of the Agent’s info box and mission briefing along with some tips, warnings and info to complete the mission. Retrieved from ” http: This page has been accessed 29, times.

Almost all gated complexes and landmarks have a DED rating that tells you what ship hulls daldari use the acceleration gate. There are visible COSMOS complexes that have a beacon and are shown on the ingame map, hidden complexes you have to scan down first to warp to the entrance and complexes that are not marked anywhere but are visible when you warp to a celestial object such as planet or asteroid belt If you need to go to a hidden location, bring a ship with a Core Probe Launcher fitted, preferably a scanning frigate like the Minmatar Probe.

Failing the mission or letting it to expire will prevent you from ever doing that mission or any mission that is in the same chain.

This guide pairs well with Jowen Datloran’s guidewhich has details about the encounter missions and is well put together. The following agents are located at the Friggi stargate in Otitoh and do not offer normal missions.


The difficulty of the combat sites vary strongly, from “Easy as pie” to “It’s a trap!

EVE: Caldari Cosmos :: Гайды :: EVE Online :: Игровой сайт Hussars-online

Also look at the list of the agent and pick those that offer you BPCs, if that’s what you are aiming for. CCP is in no way responsible for the content on or functioning of this website, nor can it be liable for any damage arising from the use of this website. For Calcari encounter missions a battleship is recommended.

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Caldari COSMOS

Retrieved from ” https: Very nice and thanks for posting your guide. This article should be cleaned up or improved. You can help Backstage Lore Wiki by expanding it with more content and relevant information. You also should be familiar with the concepts of aligning, kiting and caldarii aggro.

Retrieved from ” https: This page has been accessed 23, times. Do not even talk to the agent unless you are going to run the missionas soon as you talk to the agent you get a mission offer that expires in seven days.

These forums have been archived and are now read-only. Otomainen – Contested Guristas Outrider Post.