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Evaluation of the carboplatna behaviour of reinforcement steel against corrosion induced by chlorides in reinforced mortar specimens; Avaliacao do comportamento frente a corrosao pelo ataque de cloreto de argamassa armada apos carboplatiha tratamentos protetores. In this work various treatments for protecting reinforcing steels against corrosion induced by chlorides have been evaluated.

Additives to mortars and surface treatments given to reinforcing steels were evaluated as corrosion protection measures. In the preliminary tests the corrosion resistance of a CA 50 steel treated by immersion in nearly 50 different solutions, was determined. Preliminary tests were also carried carbooplatina with mortars reinforced with uncoated steel to which tannin or lignin was added. Two organic coatings, a monocomponent and a bicomponent type, formulated specially for this investigation, with both tannin and benzotriazole, were also tested in the preliminary tests to cagboplatina the coating with better corrosion protection property.

The bicomponent type epoxy coating showed better performance than the monocomponent type coating, and the former was therefore chosen to investigate the corrosion performance on CA 50 steel inside mortar specimens. From the preliminary tests, two solutions with tannin from two sources, Black Wattle Acacia mearnsii and Brazilian tea Ilex paraguariensis St. Hillto which benzotriazole and phosphoric acid were added, were bla. Mortar specimens reinforced with CA50 steel treated by immersion in these two solutions were prepared.

Also, epoxy coated CA50 steel was tested as reinforcement inside mortar specimens.

Mortars reinforced with uncoated CA50 steel were also prepared and corrosion tested for comparison. The effect of tannin and lignin as separate additives to the mortar on the corrosion resistance of uncoated steel was also studied.

The reinforced mortar specimens were tested with various cycles of immersion for 2 days in 3. The corrosion tests used in this investigation were gravimetric and electrochemical tests. The results showed satisfactory corrosion performance for all kinds of protection measures. However, the performance depended on the type of protection used. The best performance was obtained with tannin containing epoxy coated steel, followed by the steel treated by immersion in tannin containing solutions and finally by the addition of tannin Black Wattle or lignin to the mortar.

All the protection measures evaluated in this study are economically viable and environmentally friendly and can therefore be considered for protecting reinforcement steels against corrosion. Cendana Motor Sukorejo is one of the official Honda dealer in Sukorejo. Over the last 5 years of sales, Honda Vario had fluctuating movement. This research aims to determine the extent of the influence of brand equity X1 andpromotion X2 against the purchase decisions Y Honda Vario motorcycle in CV.

Thistype of research is explanatory research, with a population tha Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden.

apos varios tratamentos: Topics by

Vario ML framework for comprehensive variation data representation and exchange. Sharing of data about variation and the associated phenotypes is a critical need, yet variant information can be arbitrarily complex, making a single standard vocabulary elusive and re-formatting difficult. Complex standards have proven too time-consuming to implement. Vario ML pairs a simplified open specification for describing variants, with a toolkit for adapting the specification into one’s own research workflow.


Straightforward variant data can be caeboplatina, federated, and exchanged with no overhead; more complex data can be described, without loss of compatibility.

The open specification enables push-button submission to gene variant databases LSDBs e. A Java implementation toolkit makes Vario ML easily integrated into biomedical applications. Vario ML is a set of tools carboplatinw practices improving the availability, quality, and comprehensibility of human variation information. It enables researchers, diagnostic laboratories, and clinics to share that information with ease, clarity, and without ambiguity.

The use of natural fibers in composite materials has been highlighted in the scientific field. However, its application in polymer matrices usually requires surface modifications. The alkali treatment allowed the solubilization of the hemicellulose and lignin without causing changes to cellulose, as indicated by FTIR spectrophotometry and by the increase in carboplatnia content.

The samples showed the typical peaks of constituents of the fiber. Full Text Available Abstract Background Sharing of data about variation carobplatina the associated phenotypes is a critical need, yet variant information can be arbitrarily complex, making a single standard vocabulary elusive and re-formatting difficult.

Conclusions Vario ML is a set of tools and practices improving the availability, quality, and comprehensibility of human variation information. Hair follicle stem cells HfSCs play crucial roles in hair follicle morphogenesis and hair cycling. These stem cells are self-renewable and have the multi-lineage potential to generate epidermis, sebaceous glands, and hair follicle. The separation and identification of hair follicle stem cells are important for further research in stem cell biology.

In this study, we report on the successful enrichment of rat hair follicle stem cells through vario magnetic activated cell sorting Vario MACS and the biological characteristics of the stem cells. The results of flow cytometry analysis showed that all four strategies had ideal effects. CD34 bri cells had greater proliferative potential and higher colony-forming ability than CD34 dim cells.

Furthermore, CD34 bri cells had some typical characteristics as progenitor cells, such as large nucleus, obvious nucleolus, large nuclear: Full Text Available Objetivo: Se compararon las frecuencias mediante las pruebas de homogeneidad y prueba exacta de Fisher, pruebas t y de Wilcoxon. Se estudiaron 92 casos y controles.

For the purposes of statistical analysis, the year period was subdivided into three periods of 4 years, with a comparison of clinical and laboratory variables in these periods.

The percentage of patients pretreated with methimazole before radioiodine therapy increased significantly from 9. The mean radioiodine dose delivered has also presented a significant increase from 7. Analysis of dose in heterogeneity adjuvant radiotherapy after surgical treatment of cases of breast cancer; Analise da heterogeneidade de dose em radioterapia adjuvante apos tratamento cirurgico de casos de cancer de mama.

Tratamento da leishmaniose tegumentar americana pelo niridazol. Full Text Available Foi empregue o niridazol um derivado do nitrotiazol, em doze pacientes com leishmaniose tegumentar americana. O seguimento dos doentes prolongou-se pelo prazo de dois a 36 meses apos o tratamento.

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Tratamento da dor em queimados. However, its demerits are late maturity and long plant height. Shattering is easy, and resistance to leaf blight is medium. This cultivar has been recommended in Hiroshima prefecture since Tegretol no tratamento da epilepsia.

Os pacientes melhoraram de seus sintomas na grande maioria dos casos, conseguindo adaptar-se melhor no ambiente familiar, profissional e escolar. Full Text Available Objetivo. Prospective, Randomized, Single-Center Study. Frameless stereotactic brain biopsy systems are widely used today. Vario Guide VG is a relatively novel frameless system.


Its accuracy was studied in a laboratory setting but has not yet been studied in the clinical setting. The purpose of this study was to determine its accuracy and diagnostic yield and to compare this with frame-based FB stereotaxy. Twenty-six patients were randomized into the FB group and 27 patients into the VG group. Real trajectory was pointed on intraoperative magnetic resonance. The distance of the targets and angle deviation between the planned and real trajectories were computed.

The overall discomfort of the patient was subjectively assessed by the visual analog scale score. The median lesion volume was 5 mL interquartile range [IQR]: The mean distance of the targets was 2. Mean angle deviation was 2.

One minor bleeding was encountered in the VG group. Overall patient discomfort was significantly higher in the FB group visual analog scale bulz 2. The VG system proved to be comparable in carbolpatina of the trajectory accuracy, rate of complications and diagnostic yield compared with the “gold standard” carboplqtina by the traditional FB stereotaxy for patients undergoing brain biopsy. VG is also better accepted by patients. Full Text Available Resumen.

Se efectuaron varios ensayos para determinar el efecto de carbofuran 1. Todos los insecticidas fueron efectivos para controlar larvas de Cephaloleiasp. Several tests were carried out to determine the effectiveness of carbofuran 1. All of these insecticides controlled well Cepbaloleia sp. None of the insecticides tested showed to be phytotoxic to the oil palm.

O psicanalista no tratamento da dor. Tratamento do parkinsonismo com L-Dopa. To evaluate and compare the uniformity of angle Kappa adjustment between Oculyzer and Topolyzer Vario topography guided ablation of laser in situ keratomileusis LASIK by EX excimer laser for myopia.

Produtos – Accord

The ablation for 86 cases eyes was guided manually based on Oculyzer topography study groupwhile the ablation for 59 cases eyes was guided automatically by Topolyzer Vario topography control group. Measurement of adjustment values included data respectively in horizontal and vertical direction of cornea. Horizontally, bkla adjustment between manually actual values dx manu and Oculyzer topography guided data dx carboolatina accounts Vertically, synclastic adjustment between dy manu and dy ocu accounts There is high consistency in carboppatina Kappa adjustment guided manually by Oculyzer and guided automatically by Topolyzer Vario topography during corneal refractive surgery by WaveLight EX excimer laser.

Further, we study a cascade of old locked inflation, which can be motivated by the string landscape. Our model is based on the consideration of making locked inflation feasible so as to give a working model without slow roll; It also can be seen as an effort to embed carboppatina old inflation in string landscape.

Tratamento medicamentoso da osteoartrose do joelho. Efeito da eutonia no tratamento da fibromialgia. Resultados do tratamento da pancreatite aguda grave. An evaluation of the change processes involved will enable improved change models to be developed leading to increased business effectiveness in this 30 billion pounds sterling industry.