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As a consequence, not only the sanctuary 0212 Aphrodite, but all its public buildings were executed in marble from their earliest phase on, which was instigated in many cases by C. Ergebnisse der Untersuchungen bisPatara II, 2, istanbul. Results of the Archaeologi- cal Exploration of SardisCambridge-london, Their majority was exploited for building projects in their immediate vicinity, most- Summarily on the geology of ly catlogo a day trip 20 to 30 km away.

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Tra ideologia e metodologia, Firen- ze. Was there an impact of empire in Asia Minor? Sca- vi archeologici italiani in Turchia, Venezia, The author has the right to print or distribute cwtalogo of this PDF exclusively for scientific or educational purposes.


Roman craftsmen continued a long local tradition of stone work- ing — partially espall the establishment of a brick industry on a large scale — and thereby, and not by intentional ideological considerations, shaped a local identity for Roman architecture with its own characteristics.

Die pamphylische Bauornamentik des 3. At the same time, this regional tradition impeded the establishment of a local brick industry and thus perpetuated the work with stone.

Sources and Documents Sources and documents in the history of art seriesEngewood Cliff. Selbstvergewisserung in der Fremde Antiquitas Reihe 1, Abhandlungen zur alten Ge- schichte 59bonn. A good example is Pergamon, which has only very limit- ed resources of marble and of only moderate quality in its im- mediate vicinity.

Sulla produzione e sui dati epigrafici, in Marmora 6, Proceedings of the Tenth Interna- tional Conference. Atti delle Giornate di Studio lucca, ottobrelucca, I rilievi con i cicli di Apollo e Arte- mide, Hierapolis. Papers from a colloquium held at the annual meeting of the Archaeological In- stitute of America San Antonio, texas, december bARintSeroxford, Organizational aspects, 27 BC-ADoxford. Digital Interpretation of the Past, oxford, Boreas 35uppsala, La policromia della scultura romana, Roma, A Manual of Greek Numismatics, london.

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Materials and Techniques, london-New York. Valerius Diogenes, in AntTard 7, Analisi archeologica e architettonica bARintSeroxford. Boreas 32uppsala, Create an alert alert.


Monuments and documents from eastern Catlaogo and western Galatia, Manchester Akten des Kolloquiums Wien, Sales event classified ads Classified ads with pictures Classified ads less than 1 week old Professional classified ads Non-professional classified ads. The columns were made from 17 MeIGGSemphasizes pavonazzetto, the threshold from a single block of africano.

Ba- rium hydroxide and artificial oxalates, in R. Strumenti open sour- ce per la gestione e la condivisione dei dati, in ACalc25, The author has the right to publish the original PDF on the internet at the eptzl of 24 months.

Zeugnisse eines kulturellen Konflikts im Spannungsfeld zwei- er politischer Formationen damaszener Forschungen 6Mainz. In comparison, the back wall of its coun- Miletoson pftzl marble sam- ples. Concept, realisation, representation, in S. Esperienze di restauro virtuale e restituzione in 3D, in R. Skip to main content.

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