PMP Sample Test Questions. (correct answers are bolded). 1. An accepted deadline for a project approaches. However, the project manager realizes only 75%. [Updated ] List Of Free Mock PMP Exam Questions W/w [For The CertChamp CAPM 5th Edition Exam Kit. . Book File Type: PDF;. 5th Edi Book file PDF. file 5th Edition Pmp Pmbok Practice Exam W Solutions Project Risk Comprehensive Exam Questions And Detailed Explanations That Will Ensure Your Success At The. PMP CertChamp: Certification Champion On PMP, CAPM, SCJP. . General Psychology File Type Pdf; Grade.

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Question – 98 A Heuristics is best described as: Question – A product description of a project can help in creating procurement details. However you are apprehensive regarding their availability for the next two months. Prevention and Appraisal costs are actually costs of conformance – which is the cost incurred to avoid failures – so these are not considered as cost of Poor Quality.

Time and Material C. Question – 9 The project that you are in charge has been successfully completed.

By mistake, you have given a gift to the customer’s representative already which is beyond the limit mentioned in your company policy. Perform activities in Parallel to decrease the schedule D. As per quuestions theory a strong ‘affiliation-motivation’ undermines a manager’s objectivity, because of their need to be liked, and that this affects a manager’s decision-making capability. Cost of Hiring has nothing to do with cost of Poor Quality – so it is not the correct answer.

The correct answer is Process Analysis – which is used to identify a problemidentify the cause of the problem and develop preventive actions. You have come up with the estimates and have defined the durations and subsequently have identified the Critical Path. What should be the BEST course of action? Considering its importance – you and your team come up with a list of risks.

Free PMP Sample Questions , PMP Pass Guarantee

Question – 10 Your company has bagged a number of government contracts dealing with setting up infrastructure. It defines how work will be authorized and how work will be done at the right time and in the right sequence.


Question – 12 You are managing a project that has teams located in different parts of the world. All four options listed above are information gathering techniques – but the correct answer is Delphi Technique.

You have just analyzed activity sequences, durations, resource requirementsschedule constraints and created project schedule. Question – filetpe The purpose of a quality audit is: Analogous Estimates D is the correct answer.

This approach can certchwmp in a win-win situation. Ignore the request A is the correct answer.

Also the Planned Value is greater than the Earned Value. They must be followed irresepctive of whether project was successfully completed or if it was terminated – we always follow closure procedures – so in this case the Project Manager should choose option C Question – Which of the following statements is true regarding Critical Path? She points out that the load bearing plates earlier designed may have to be redesigned considering the additional water pressure expected because of additional rain water.

Now the option of creating a change request and submitting for approval sounds like the right option – however the better approach is to always do an analysis of the impact to scopetime and cost and then submit the change request.

Accept the new ideas. People have needs starting with Physiological Needs and ending with self actualization A is the correct answer.

Pricing objectives in marketing pdf

The scope baseline and schedule baseline are not the only baselines against which project performance is measured so options B and C are definitely not the best options. Lookup Process decision program charts D.

Obviously your colleague is in a tough situation and not in a nice place to be. Develop Schedule B is the correct answer. Question – 38 You are managing a project that that your company won after making a bid.

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The client has planned a visit the vertchamp month to go over the plans for the next phase of the project as well as to meet with the project team. You decide to look up the requirements of the types of reports and frequency of sending them. The change log is used to log all change requests – approved and rejected changes. Quuestions the idea of making the change as this will need an approval from change control C. Note that the question states that new projects are about to start – and past lessons learned of projects could have served as good inputs for the other projects.


Question – In order to determine the details of the work to be performed in work packages – which of the following can be used? Where would you store this information in? You might be tempted to jump in and start work immediately – but the first thing that should be done is to update the impacted baselines.

Use Parametric Estimating technique C.

This is never the case in a Functional or Projectized organization where the lines of authority are clearly defined. A strong ‘authority-motivation’ will produce a determined work ethic and commitment to the organisation.

Ensure contract contains all the project management requirements such as status reportingmeeting attendance and communication needs B. In this case you have already tried out the option of discussing with the team member once – which is an example of Informal verbal.

Here the correct answer would be Parametric Estimation – this is because the cost per unit is readily available. Question – 83 As a part of the Executive Management team – you have a number of project managers reporting into you.

As a result your organization has a wealth of Organizational Process assets. Security is not prime motivator, nor is status. Discuss with the sponsors and explain how it is not going to be possible to meet the schedule.

Basic Pricing Policies Objectives Name three pricing policies used to establish a base price Explain the two polar pricing policies for arrive at a price.