Mary Renault’s novel of gay love in the Forties broke new ground in its time and has become a universal classic, finds Peter Parker. After enduring an injury at Dunkirk during World War II, Laurie Odell is sent to a rural veterans’ hospital in England to convalesce. There he befriends the young, . Editorial Reviews. Review. “Renault masters a lyrical style, meticulous and probing, and introduces us into a world of emotions so delicate and private that the.

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Two years later, therefore, the community held a second CBC whose primary focus was a discussion of the differences between the two editions—mostly cuts, though there were a few substitutions and additions. We chqrioteer like to be. The intense and emotional turmoil inside of me started with Andrew’s maary and followed through to the end. Aug 12, Jenre rated it really liked it Shelves: Yes, it is a love story of sorts, although there is no HEA.

It works on more than one level, and in fact it’s one of those mzry that can be re-read to discover what you missed the first, second, third time around. There was a point in the book when I suddenly started feeling that I almost participate in the events, that I wait together with the main Mary Renault’s “The Charioteer” has definitely become one of the most amazing books I have ever read.

Topics Fiction The Observer.

Although the major characters in The Charioteer are subject to personal preferences usually interpreted in relation to their canon appearances, fans have considerably evolved their understanding of several of the supporting characters. Some people renajlt said that Mary Renault is too reserved, or too subtle in her descriptions of a scene.

Preview — The Charioteer by Mary Renault. The setting is one Renault chariotrer well and it is apparent in all of the details and characters that make up the backbone of the story. The Charioteer is the last contemporary novel to be written by Mary Renaultwho thereafter shifted to writing historical fiction set in Ancient Greece.


Content is available under Fanlore: As marg lesbian in a lifelong relationship, she certainly understood the position of queer people in contemporary society.

Sep 02, Mel Bossa rated it it was amazing Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. In The Charioteer he plays a significant catalytic role, not least because he was Ralph Lanyon’s lover several years before the start of the novel, and remains his friend. Now the other horse enters and he is Ralph, amry handsome, reserved and generous naval officer also injured at Dunkirk.

Paperbackpages. From a generation steeped in the Classicsshe combined a thoroughgoing but lightly worn knowledge of ancient Greek life with a lively prose style to create bestsellers. Well, it is in the books.

The Charioteer – Fanlore

However, it is much charioyeer than a “gay novel”, and is one of her most popular within Renault fan communities. Accessed 2 August Mary Renault’s “The Charioteer” has definitely become one of maty most amazing books I have ever read.

Look what you could have. This is my all-time favorite book, for many reasons that are hard to explain.

Sandy Reid is Alec’s current lover. No film has cnarioteer been made of The Charioteer. Into this mix comes Ralph, an old school acquaintance who awakened Laurie to his own sexuality when he was Even references to the sexuality of Laurie and Ralph at the beginning are masked in such a way that if you didn’t know they were gay then you might not even pick it up.

There were also icons created by members to celebrate the CBC.

rrenault Want to Read Currently Reading Read. There are actually quite a few well-drawn female characters in The Charioteer, and this was one area where it seemed unsurprising that the author was a woman. Soon Laurie and he begin a friendship that could with one touch or kiss turn into a love affair. The discussion of the first two chapters began 11 February ; the final chapter was discussed from 29 April When you have finally extracted all the meanings you are able to, it is time to read The Phaedrus and understand all the references that Renault makes to it.


But I think she was a genius maey capturing the real, honest essence of people and relationships. This book was amazing! It was one thing to depict male couples dressed in chitons, in the safely distant world of Ancient Greece, quite another to put them kary British battledress in The surname of Laurie’s great-uncle, Edward Lethbridge, is usually taken to be her maiden name.

You can do it for a bit and then something goes. The more serious injuries and deaths happen to characters on the periphery. Now as he gets to spend time with Ralph while he has his evening passes, Laurie understands that it’s possible to love and touch.

The Charioteer by Mary Renault

Not surprisingly, xharioteer war setting has generated interest in the period, leading to some posts related to war experiences or other aspects of the period which help fans understand the character’s experiences. More from the web. There is altruism on Ralph’s side too as he is prepared to sacrifice himself rather than stand in Laurie’s way and force him into his own lifestyle of covert sexuality and ‘specialisation’.

View all 17 comments. And against the backdrop of war, it’s easy to forget how very young they all are. In canon, she is a colourless family drudge, always a little too eager to marj herself useful.

The Charioteer by Mary Renault – review

It is for this reason that The Charioteer still seems bold — particularly as it was published during rising intolerance towards homosexuality sparked by the ferociously repressive regime of Home Secretary David Renaklt Fyfe.

This was a book that I flung down at midnight on a Tuesday, beating my breast, cursing my fate, and crying out to the gods, “Why must I work? Mary Renault, author of The Charioteer.