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Start studying DA PAM – ACE Program. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. provide extensive information about DA PAM ( ). Department of the Army Pamphlet –24 Personnel-General Health Promotion, Risk Reduction, and Suicide Prevention Headquarters.

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Commanders should refer to DODI The final SRP event must occurwithin 60 days prior to the expected deployment date. Commanders play anintegral part during this phase, psm it is their responsibility to ensure access to appropriate health care and ensure thesafety of assigned personnel.

Therefore, this category includes behaviorswhere there is evidence that the individual intended to die, but the event resulted in no injuries.

DA Pam 600-24

Army Suicide Prevention Program strategy a. The line of duty determinations are generally conducted whenever a Soldieracquires a disease, incurs a significant injury, or is injured under unusual circumstances.

Intention is variable in degree, not all or nothing. Among theseresources are chaplains and chaplain assistants, behavioral and behavioral health specialists, substance abuse counse-lors, social workers, and TRICARE services. Family of origin history. The SPTFs should develop a well thought out and deliberate strategic communications plan to communicateimportant suicide prevention messages and provide listings of available services and how to access them.

Solicit help from CID to serve as liaison with local authorities to obtain documentation. Consider the following resources 60-024 assisting Soldiers: In collaboration with Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, G—1, ASPP, theUSAPHC analyzes informational data about suicide behavior in order to provide an ongoing dw understandingabout the problem, identify behavioral health trends, and formulate lessons learned.


The team is charged with the responsibility of addressing the medical andadministrative needs presented by high-risk cases. Emergency rooms and urgent care rooms are the primary hour crisis interven-tion facilities.

GeneralThe following are samples of available resources for Soldiers, Army Civilians, and Family members. There are other alternatives.

The re-assessment is scheduled forcompletion before the end of days after return so that Reserve Component members have the option of treatmentusing their TRICARE health benefit. Unless otherwise stated, all publications are available on the APD Web site at http: The following are two other categories of self-inflicted death that are not typically classified as suicide becausethe intention to die cannot be established.

This primarily refers to USAR andARNG units and personnel whose cohesion is disrupted by distance, but also includes Active Army Soldiers who liveand work more than 50 miles from an installation, such as recruiters. This pamphlet is available warded through their higher headquarters in electronic media only and is intended to the policy proponent.

Prevention refers toall efforts that build resilience, reduce stigma, and build awareness of suicide and related behaviors.

Deployment can cause unique stress for Soldiers and Army Civilians and, therefore, requires due vigilance on thepart of the 600-244 to ensure the health and safety of all assigned personnel. At present there are at least two distinct questions that the behavioral analysis review can help to answer— 1 Why did the individual do it? Services are available on-demand in more than languages.

600-244 arestrategically placed in local communities in every state for use by military members and their Families, regardless ofService or component.


Care should be taken when referring both active duty and ds duty Soldiers to civilian resources. Prevention is dependent upon caring and proactive unitleaders and managers who make the effort to know their personnel, including estimating their ability to handle stress,and who offer a positive, cohesive environment which nurtures, and develops positive life-coping skills.

Alsoeligible are Family members of Reservists and National Guardsmen who die while on duty. Procedure for behavioral analysis review a.

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It is a service designed to provide round-the-clock information and referrals to Soldiers and their immediate Families,as well as to deployed Army Civilians and their Families. Communication channels may include email, unit newsletters, mass mailings, armory bulletin boards, command letters,organizational Web sites, and printed media.

This training is conducted with 60-024 assistance oflocal behavioral health officers. Death is improbable as an outcome of the act. Motivation for suicide a.

Geographically-dispersed Soldiers and their Families have challenges to access services related tohealth promotion, risk reduction, and suicide prevention. The reasons, motives, and psychologi-cal intentions of at-risk persons are quite complex.

To be effective, any initiative 600-244 to reduce stigma should address actual and perceived stigma of seeking help. A list of available prevention, intervention, and postvention resources can be found in appendix D. The total effect of a solid program is an overall improvement in unit and organizationalperformance by lam individual well-being. View in Fullscreen Report.