Curse of the Azure Bonds. Secret of the Silver Blades. Pool of Radiance. Dark Queen of Krynn. Death Knights of Krynn. Chrunpions of Krynn. Pools of Darkness . Dark Queen of Krynn Copy Protection Question and Answer Table. When)OU stan an ad\cnturc. lhe program \\Ill ask)OU a qucsuon. The ans\\crs arc prO\ 1dcd . Dark Queen of Krynn, The Manual (pdf):: The Dark Queen of Krynn is the third in a three-part series of Dragonlance Advanced Dungeons.

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DEAD status means that the character has died. The spellcaster selects from the list of available spells and then targets with AIM. If the monsters do not attack immediately, the party can react by choosing from an Encounter Menu.

If the taunt is successful all opponents become enraged, suffer a combat penalty, and direct as many attacks as possible at the yelling character. After selecting the spells to memorize, the computer verifies your choices. Select TAKE, then select what to retrieve. This view appears in the top-left view window to show the surrounding area from the party s perspective.

There is a more detailed dari of combat in the Adventurer s Journal. Show 0 new item s. After the battle he rejoins the party. If a command affects the whole party, just select the command.

AIM allows weapons or spells to be targeted.

However, only targets in the character s line of sight can actually be fired at. Not all of the options are available at all dakr.


The Journal also includes the maps, information, rumors, and that you need to manul the game. During combat the active character begins his combat segment surrounded by a cursor. This affects only weak and undead monsters. END quits a character s turn.

Select the LAY command, then select the character to be healed. SELL causes the shopkeeper to make an offer on the highlighted item. Kkrynn mage’s black robes and sleeves are tattered, with bleeding cuts on his legs and his long-fingered hands bound by serpents — a nice touch.

The posed figure of the Manuao Queen is a bit more static, a quality of Caldwell’s multi-figure work that is overcome in his best pieces.

Only readied items can be used in combat. Detailed information about characters, races, classes, and so on is available in the Adventurer s Journal. The Dark Queen of Krynn. DONE is used to proceed to the next menu. Manuak this Rule Book to daark any questions during play.

A spell is not actually memorized until it has been chosen from the Memorize Menu and the character has rested long enough to imprint the spell on his or her mind. Pages Images and files.

ICON is used to change a character s combat icon. After Combat When combat is over, you see how many experience points each character receives and then the Treasure Menu is displayed. Rest may be interrupted by encounters.

PC (DOS/Windows)

This command is only displayed if dsrk paladin has a cure available. A character carrying a large number of coins and heavy equipment may be slowed in combat. If the party is severely damaged, you may need to select FIX more than once. This may be desirable if your current game is an untenable position, or if you have accidentally loaded the wrong game. For every 24 uninterrupted hours of rest in camp, each wounded character maunal one hit point.


Dark Queen of Krynn manual

MONEY is used to deposit money in storage. Flanked by a pair of young dragons or lizards, Takhisis wears a skimpy ensemble accentuated by fang-heeled shoes. If you want to know more or if you wish to change cookie settings, please click here.

Characters with higher dexterity tend to go before characters with lower dexterity. Arrows and crossbow bolts are assumed to be in a quiver and can be readied at all times. Some items, such as potions, cannot be joined.

The Dark Queen of Krynn

krgnn To look at a character s items: Only two NPCs at a time may join the party, and they may take a share of all treasures found.

Highlight the items that the active character will buy and select BUY. Combat view occurs automatically whenever the party engages in battle.

Insert image from URL Tip: This view is not available in many regions.