“de Profundis – Letters From The Abyss” – A Lovecraftian Game, Of Sorts – posted in The Write Stuff: Has anyone else here heard of this game?. 1. Introduction. Upon its publication, De Profundis: Letters from the Abyss was marketed and generally recognised as a role-playing game.1 Created by a game . I could only come to one conclusion from this anonymous letter. I had just been invited to a game of De Profundis. And, looking at the postmark.

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“de Profundis – Letters From The Abyss” – A Lovecraftian Game, Of Sorts

You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 19 April – Posted 20 April – My mind is kind of blown. I read the original de Profunis, written by Oscar Wilde while in prison. I’ve never played even though I bought the game when it came out – everybody who’s shown any interest has said they’d love to play There was a previous attempt to get something like this running a few years back here hence my ownership of a PDF version of the From what came of that I urge small groups, and probably as little reliance on tech as possible.

If I didn’t have all my time from creative enjoyment currently assigned to other projects, I’d clamour to be brought into a session. He’s got a blog now, too. Posted 22 April – Posted 27 April – Posted 30 April – Posted 01 May – This sound’s really interesting, but I have no knowledge in H. I have never read anything by him. But I wonder if this could be adapted into another setting for non-Lovecraft fans. Well, it sounds like we have a few interested parties!

I’m at work right now, but I’ll post more info this weekend.

A good idea would be to start thinking of who you would like to be, which means we’d need to decide on a time-frame – since we’re FP focussed, it’d make sense to keep it tne between through perhaps Posted 02 May – I think we should limit ourselves to mostly blacks and blue blacks and maybe more common green inks, since there weren’t really many fountain pen profundia in the 20s to 50s.

And they probably wouldn’t have had any of the more exotic inks. Posted 03 May – BernieC, keeping it between and makes sense, anchoring the game in a simpler time with more mysteries, when the world was smaller and our modern media was in its infancy. Radio shows were to that time period what TV and video games are now, and information access was still limited to libraries public and private and print news media.

I’m thinking we could play in the year as May 2nd was a Saturday that year as well Leetters, limiting ink color is a thought I’ve been having. zbyss

Getting a letter from the abyss | A Gnome’s Ponderings | BoardGameGeek

I somewhat agree in light of keeping it authentic, though I could see how some might really enjoy having another excuse to use their favorite pens and boutique inks. I may be inclined stick to blue or black, but I wouldn’t mind anyone using whatever color they like. I’ve uploaded my PDF copy of the rules to Google Drive – keep in mind that they’re not so much rules as they are ideas and potential guidelines for play, mostly written in letter format. It’s more about helping us understand the mindset than it is a set of rules, tables and lists of stats.


I figure we will need some common format for a character sheet – nothing like the usual highly detailed tabletop RPG nightmare, as we haven’t decided yet who knows or has heard of whom and how they are acquainted. For Example, Bob might know Walter from University where they met in Senior Chemistry class and roomed together for a year, or their fathers soldiered together during WW I and their families stayed close, or they have may exchanged possibly vituperous Editorial comments in a literary or scientific journal.

Once we have basic character descriptions from everyone who wants to play, I’ll upload it all to Google Drive in the same folder. You can email me at eyeheartpdx gmail.

De Profundis: Letters From The Abyss: Michael Oracz: : Books

Remember that gurgling in the sewer grate that you know is just storm run-off? What if it isn’t What if the hobo who was run out of town last year for suspicious doings really WAS involved with things that would make an honest soul catatonic with fright? If we choose another year, you should be able to substitute it in the above URLs.

Posted 04 May – Also there are two address spots. Is one of the addresses for our creation? Here’s what mine looks like if you check the Google Drive link above:. Freelance Travel Writer and photographer.

Archaeology, History, the Occult. Well-travelled in his youth, he has recently settled down quietly in Portland, Oregon to research write and curate for the Oregon Historical Society. Posted 17 May – This seems interesting – I’m interested. The original poster has not been online for a while, though.

Posted 19 May – It was creepy where I was camping – there was a little island in the middle of a small river right behind my campsite, and in between and underlying the wind and river abyes, I could swear I heard sibilant chanting and movement there Abyse 26 May – Community Forum Software by IP.

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Thank you very much in advance! Please log in to reply. In essence, game play is by way of hand-written letters from an in-character perspective.

I could, for example, decide to be a Customs agent in who has discovered a long-lost and somewhat mysterious package from another country when charged with cleaning out an old store-room. Becoming fascinated with it, I write a letter to a friend who curates at dw museum, including some sketches or photographs, in an effort to understand what it is. Keep in mind that nobody ‘runs’ the game or scripts their response to me – they may ask me for more information, send me an informative article, or give me the address for and an introduction to a colleague who may know more or have a useful connection It’s role-playing with no dice, no ‘Game Tye, and lethers preset plot.

Interest, imagination and a love of handwriting are all one really needs. This seems a game designed for that subset of pen geeks who love old-fashioned horror stories, particurlarly the likes of HP Lovecraft, Poe, MR James, etc. It also encourages you to see your world through the eyes of a character who ftom be taking their first tentative steps on the path to a mental breakdown The rules are out of print, but the.

De Profundis

It sounds fun, this notion of making tea, lighting a lamp or candles and getting grom into character as you read and reply to your latest letters It does sound interesting. The Flat Bit, Canada Flag: Martinsburg W V Flag: Add me to the startup list. What do you guys think would be most interesting, and why?

IMHO this will eliminate the use of electronic paraphernalia for any investigating that takes place. I think it would be more Lovecraft-like. I read the “rule book” and the game could be interesting. Here’s what mine looks like if you check the Google Drive link above: Sign In Need an account? I’ve frlm my password.

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