Showcase and discover the latest work from top online portfolios by creative professionals across industries. Karel Capek’s Apócrifos, Lorca’s Las Rositas, Eugene Ionesco’s Delirio a Duo, Mauricio’s La depresión, Eugene Ionesco’s Bald Soprano), and numerous. Sound Design for “Delirio a Duo”, theatre play written by Eugène Ionesco in an adaptation by Juan Claudio Burgos and directed by Ignacio García.

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From movies, magazines and advertisements, to social networking sites, music videos and television shows, Dr. Brummett presents key rhetorical concepts and applies them with critical analysis to a variety of exciting examples drawn from today’s popular dellrio. Theory and Story Puissance de l intrigue: Lise Dumasy-Queffelec Intrigue, as-tu du coeur?

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Paul Bleton Fictionnalisation et storytelling dans la presse tabloid: Pierre Signac’s Monsieur Cauchemar David Platten Part II. Daudet and the Perils of the Popular: Tim Farrant Emplotting the Fair: Popular Historical Sagas in 20th Century France: Bending Genres Le Plaisir du polar et ses paradoxes: Matthieu Letourneux Finding the Plot: Georges Rodenbach s Bruges-la-morte: David Looseley Rewriting the Plot: Storytelling in the Postmodern Era Les Fans et les histoires: Anne Besson Du coeur au prisme: Marc Atallah Telling New Stories?

The Making of Nordic Noir contextualizes the explosive recent history of the genre, offering newcomers and aficionados insights into deirio minds of protagonists and their literary creators.

This is the first research-based and exhaustive presentation of Swedish crime fiction and its Nordic neighbours to an international audience.

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Detective Stories and the Making of Modern Societies, Cambridge, Polity Press,Through an exploration of the work of the great masters of detective stories and spy novels – G.

Cadera and Anita Pavic Pintaric: Creation of delirko through dialogue and its translation Part I: Creating suspense in literature and film Dirk Delabastita: The voices of suspense and the French detective novel: Alain Demouzon s Melchior Leah Leone: Translation of language variation and foreign language use Daniel Linder: Se so sparati a via Merulana: Achieving linguistic variation and relirio discourse in the French and Spanish versions of Quer pasticciaccio brutto de via Merulana chapter 1 Jean Anderson: Bringing home the banter: Translating empty dialogue in exotic crime fiction Giuseppe De Bonis: Transferring narrative structure, plot and semiotic elements in translation Jenny Brumme: The narrator s voice in translation: Reducing distance between characters, narrator and reader.

Shifting points of view: The translation of suspense-building narrative style Karen Dui Red herrings and other misdirection in translation Laila C.

Analysis of the different features and functions of dialogue in a comparable corpus of crime novels Anita Pavic Pintaric and Sybille Schellheimer: Translating emotions expressed in nonverbal features of dialogues in the novel: English-Spanish subtitling and dubbing s and s: The Haunted Text, New York, Palgrave Macmillan,Detective Fiction and the Ghost Story is the first full-length study to concentrate on the engagement between detective fiction and the ghost story, one of the central relationships in all popular genres.


From mean streets to imagined world: The conjure-man dies, Blind man with a pistol, and Mumbo jumbo — Critical readings. Five hundred years of Chinese crime fiction — Assimilation, innovation, and dissemination: This book explores the development of detective fiction during the critical period between Conan Doyle s creation of Holmes and the advent of the Golden Age of the detective story during World War I.

Both British and American detective writers of the period are surveyed as well as writers who turned to gentleman burglars and master criminals. The Crime Fiction of E. The Plush Toy Mystery: Best of the Farceurs I: Best of the Farceurs II: Best of the Farceurs III: Best of the Farceurs IV: Promenades et gourmandises Parfum d encre.

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Knopf,Chandler never wrote an autobiography or a memoir. Now Barry Day, making use of Chandler’s novels, short stories, and letters as well as Day’s always illuminating commentary, gives us the life of “the man with no home,” a man precariously balanced between his classical English education with its immutable values and that of a fastevolving America during the years before the Great War, with its resulting changing vernacular.

The Amazing Rise and Immortal Life of Sherlock Holmes, New York, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt,Through sparkling new readings of the original stories, Dundas explores Conan Doyle s fictional and real-world inspirations and reveals how the Holmes tales laid the groundwork for an infinitely remixable myth, kept alive over the decades by writers, actors, and readers. Tough-minded and typically idiosyncratic, here is Chandler on Chandler, the mystery novel, writing, Hollywood, TV, publishing, cats, and famous crimes.

This skillfully edited selection of letters, articles, and notes also includes the short story “A Couple of Writers” and the first chapters of Chandler’s last Philip Marlowe novel, The Poodle Springs Story, left unfinished at his death.

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Paul Skenazy has provided a new introduction for this edition as well as a new selected bibliography. The release of the film became a trigger for heated debates on issues of national identity and political loyalty, and brought unexpectedly harsh criticism from China, where Ang Lee was labelled a traitor in scathing internet critiques, whilst the film’s leading actress Tang Wei was banned from appearing on screen for two years.

This miniature volume opens with an introduction and biography of Hercule Poirot, followed by summaries of such classic tales as Hickory Dickory Death, Murder on the Orient Express, Death on the Nile, and Curtain.

Mary Mead, is one of mystery fans most beloved sleuths. She is featured in twelve of Agatha Christie s classic whodunits, all of which are summarized here in this tiny tome.

Featuring plot synopses, character profiles, and photographs, this miniature edition gives any mystery lover a chance to cozy up with their favorite cases, from The Murder at the Vicarage to Sleeping Murder.


Perfect for reading in small bites, or devouring all in one sitting! The Man and His Worlds, Shaftsbury VTMountainside Press,[Recueil de 21 textes] The individuals in this volume examine some aspects of Holmes’ various journeys into other media and genres. The authors of these papers spoke in at one of many conferences that honor Holmes each year. Not only do they consider the man, but also the many worlds he has inhabited from the 19th century to the 21st and beyond. Scholars, authors, and fans look at a range of issues from technology to Buddhism, as well as suggest what the Holmes phenomenon means.

And it s fascinating. Setting previously published pieces, many little seen, alongside never-before-published material found in Westlake s working files, the book offers a clear picture of the man behind the books including his thoughts on his own work and that of his peers, mentors, and influences.

The Essential Novels in One 8. Besides being a detailed analysis of global noir, the book is also an auteur study of more neglected works by directors such as Renoir, Antonioni, Rosi, Kurosawa, and Mizoguchi.

Noir Musical Films, Baltimore, The Johns Hopkins University Press,xii, In her pioneering study, Music in the Shadows, film noir expert Sheri Chinen Biesen explores musical films that use film noir style and bluesy strains of jazz to inhabit a disturbing underworld and reveal the dark side of fame and the American Dream. Simple affaire de promotion? Exorcisme des traumas dartistes?

Deguisement de la critique sociale en fait divers?

Axel Cadieux raconte en onze chapitres ces terrifiantes et souvent sordides histoires de cinema. Why Lang could become preferable to Hitchcock — Frances Guerin: Mabuse, Der Spieler and The testament of Ionesfo. Mabuse — Nicole Brenez: Lang’s M and the trajectories of film criticism — David Phelps: The medium’s re-vision or the doctor as disease, diagnostic, and cure — Act two: Beyond a reasonable doubt and The caesura — Thomas Leitch: Die Nibelungen as anti-adaptation — Steve Choe: Die Nibelungen — Phil Wagner: It was a horserace sorta: Beyond destiny and design: A stranger in the house: Fritz Lang’s fury and the cinema of exile — Will Scheibel: Fritz Lang’s modern character: You only live once and The depth of surface — Steven Rybin: I’d like dio own that painting: Lang, Cezanne and the udo of omission — Pamela Robertson Wojcik: Tumbling blocks and queer ladders: Metropolis and the figuration of Eidos — Act four: Fritz Lang’s war — Jakob Isak Nielsen: House by the river — Deliri McElhaney: Looking for a path: Lunar longings and Rocket fever: