Br J Health Psychol. May;10(Pt 2) The DAS a short form of the Derriford Appearance Scale DAS59 to measure individual responses to living. The Derriford Appearance Scale (DAS) is QoL measure developed for assessing concern about physical appearance. This is a standardized, psychometrically. To measure the spectrum of psychological distress and dysfunction that is characteristic of disfigurements, deformities and aesthetic problems of appearance To.

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Support Center Support Center. Br J Plast Surg. There was reduction in DAS scores after secondary rhinoplasty, indicating the patients were less self-conscious about their appearance, although still not sufficient to reduce scores to that of rerriford general population. Incorporating the patient perspective is an increasingly accepted notion in an era in which the focus of health care evaluation has moved from traditional clinical outcomes to the measurement of function and well-being Psychological profile of Chinese wppearance cleft lip and palate deformities.

Cleft Palate Craniofac J. Journal List Plast Surg Oakv v. Understanding genetic and environmental influences. A new scale to measure individual responses to living with problems of appearance.

DAS59 – Derriford Appearance Scale

Telephone appfarance, e-mail moc. Assessing the perspective of a patient with CLP in relation to function, aesthetics and psychosocial well-being should be paramount in measuring surgical outcomes.

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Development of a new internationally applicable PRO instrument for patients with CLP ie, the CLEFT-Q is currently in progress by an international team and aims to achieve this by comprehensively assessing concepts appearance, speech and psychosocial function that are important to this group It is psychometrically robust and discriminates well between patient groups, between clinical and non-clinical populations, and within the general population between those concerned, and those not concerned, about their appearance.


Assessing the appeearance of derroford plastic surgery requires PRO instruments that ask specifically about appearance with sppearance level of detail that makes it possible to measure clinically important change following treatment. Distress from being unable to go out in windy weather. Table 4 Derriford appearance Scale 59 DAS items with significant difference in mean pre- versus postoperative scores.

The DAS was identified by Ching et al 14 in a comprehensive literature review as an ideal candidate for future study because of its specific development for use in aesthetic surgery. To develop a psychometrically robust and widely applicable short form of the Derriford Appearance Scale, DAS59which 1 will reliably and validly assess the distress and difficulties experienced in living with problems of appearance, 2 is acceptable to clinical and non-clinical populations, and 3 facilitates research and clinical decision-making through good standardization and sensitivity.

These normative data enabled a comparison with the study population Table 1. DAS measures were administered both preoperatively and at least six months after surgery. Psychological characteristics of children with cleft lip and palate: It provides valid and reliable data for clinical audit and governance and for evaluating the merits of one treatment protocol against another.

Table 3 shows the mean values pre- and postoperatively at the item level. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. The way in which physicians evaluate outcomes in surgery concerning aesthetics is changing.

DAS24 – Derriford Appearance Scale – Short form

Test-retest reliability 6 months was good 0. Secondary rhinoplasty, one of the final procedures in addressing the stigma of the cleft lip and palate CLPhas both functional and aesthetic objectives. Participants with missing values in postoperative scores were excluded from the analysis. Item-by-item analysis of the measure was also performed.


Content validity has been assured by basing the scale’s items on a detailed autobiographical study of representative derfiford. The derriforv of significant change in the FSC subscale highlights an important limitation of using generic measures.

Measuring outcomes in aesthetic surgery: Assessment of treatment interventions or surgery has conventionally been performed by physicians. Because the DAS is a generic tool that was designed with all types of cosmetic surgery patients in mind and, therefore, not developed specifically for the cleft population, change at the item level was dderriford to identify content that is relevant to the cleft population.

It may be that in the present study, relatively few items drove overall differences in scores on the measure. Item-by-item analysis suggested relatively few items in the measure were appesrance overall change in total scores.

Derriford Appearance Scale – Short form (DAS24)

This is a standardized, psychometrically sound, factorial scale displayed high internal consistency [0. Table 3 Item analysis. Intellectual, achievement, behavioral and personality variables. The specific aims were twofold: The Medical Outcomes Study Approach.

Distress from being unable to answer the front door. Good construct validity was demonstrated derrifrod differences between 1 patient and general population samples, 2 members of the general population concerned and not concerned about their appearance, and 3 in patterns of convergent and divergent correlations with a range of established derrifodr. Currently available patient-reported outcomes measures. Factor analysis of data sets general population and clinical population identified three factors that are not feature specific and two that are bodily and sexual features, facial features.