Hier finden Sie einige interessante Präsentationen, Artikel, Grafiken und Unterlagen, um sich näher mit dem Spiel und dem Doppelkopf-Verband vertraut . Doppelkopf ist in Deutschland ein sehr beliebtes Kartenspiel und existiert in das anders als zum Beispiel Skat keine einheitlich feststehenden Regeln besitzt. Doppelkopf – Anleitung. Spielvorbereitung. Mit /join Spielregeln. Das Doppelkopfblatt Doppelkopf wird mit vier Spielern gespielt. Im Normalspiel spielen die.

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Doppelkopf is extremely popular in Germany, mainly in the North. It developed from a version of Schafkopf using a double pack of cards. Doppelkopf is a four player game with variable partnerships; the objective is to capture valuable spielreggeln in tricks.

It can be played with five people, with dealer sitting out. Although the Deustcher Doppelkopf-Verband has developed standard rules for tournaments, in informal games there are many variants and each group of players has their own house rules.

Before playing doppelkkpf a new group of players, it is therefore advisable to agree a set of rules. Several variants are listed at the end of this description.

The pack is a double pack shortened by removing cards below 9, each suit containing two each of A K Q J 10 9. The basic object of the game is to take more than half of these card points in tricks.

The card points are used only to determine which team has won the hand – they are not the same as game points written on the score-sheet as a result of winning or losing.

Dealer shuffles and the cards are cut; then all the cards are dealt out, three at a time starting on dealer’s left and continuing clockwise. The deal for the next hand passes to dealer’s left.

It is usual to play a number of complete rounds of deals in a doppslkopf, so it is not important who deals first. The bidding consists of spiepregeln single round starting with the player to dealer’s left. Each player says either “Gesund” healthymeaning that they are content to play a normal gameor “Vorbehalt” reservation meaning that they want to play some other type of game. If one or more players have said “Vorbehalt”, they each in turn say what type of game they wish to play.

The possibilities, from lowest to highest, are:. Whoever has the highest ranking Vorbehalt plays their game. If dppelkopf than one player has the same Vorbehalt – for example more than one wanting to play a Solo, then the first of these players in the bidding order plays their game. In the normal game, when everyone says “Gesund”, the cards rank as above and the two players who hold the doppeelkopf of clubs known as the old women are partners against the other two.

The players with spielegeln queens of clubs do not say who they are except sometimes by means of specific announcements during the play, which are explained laterso during the play you sometimes do not know who your partner is. If a player has both of the queens of clubs but says “Gesund”, along with everyone else, that spie,regeln plays alone against the other three players in partnership, though the other players will not realise initially that they are all together.

This is called a silent solo. Usually a player who has both queens of clubs will not be strong enough to play a silent solo, and will want a partner. This is achieved by saying “Vorbehalt” during the bidding, and announcing a Hochzeit marriage. If no one has dpopelkopf better Vorbehalt, foppelkopf normal game is played except that the first player other than the holder of the marriage who wins a trick becomes the marriage holder’s partner.

However, spielrregeln must happen within the first spielregrln tricks – if you announce a marriage and then win the first three tricks you play on your own against the other three players. A person with three or fewer trumps can say “Vorbehalt” reservation and then announce Armut poverty. If no one has a better Vorbehalt, the person announcing Armut places three cards face down on the table. These three cards must contain all the Armut player’s trumps.

A player who wishes to become the Armut player’s partner has the right to take these three cards without seeing them first and then discard any three cards, which are returned to the Armut player.

The returned cards may contain trumps and may include cards originally passed. The player to the left of the player who says Armut has the first chance to become the partner; if this player does voppelkopf wish to, the dooppelkopf passes around the table to the left – each player may pass or accept, and the first player to accept takes the three cards and becomes the partner.


If nobody wants to partner the player with Armut, all the cards are thrown in and shuffled and the hand is redealt by the same dealer. A solo is a game played alone, against the other three playing as a team. There are several types:. The play is in tricks of four cards, with the winner of each trick leading to the next. The player to the left of the dealer leads to the first trick. You must follow suit if you can; if you cannot follow suit, any card may be played.

If there is a trump on the trick, the highest one wins, otherwise the highest card in the suit led wins. If there are two identical highest cards played, the first one played wins.


The trumps are a suit of their own for suit following purposes – for example, in a normal game, the queen of spades is a trump, not a spade.

You cannot play the queen of spades when spades are led unless you are out of genuine epielregeln, in which case you can play anything.

Similarly, if the queen of spades is led, everyone must if possible play trumps not spades. In a normal game, the team with the queens of clubs are called the Re team. In case of a Vorbehalt, the Re team is the team of the player who specifies the game the marriage holder, the team who exchange cards in Armut, or the lone player in a solo.

The basic aim of the Re team is to take dopplkopf least card points in the cards they win in their tricks. The opposing team is called the Kontra team ; their basic aim is to take cards worth at least points.

A member of the Re team may at any time while they have 11 or more cards in their hand announce “Re”, which increases the score for the game. Similarly, a member of the Kontra team may while they have doppekkopf or more cards in their hand announce “Kontra”. If Re or Kontra has been announced by the appropriate team, a member of the other side can announce Kontra or Re while they have 10 or more cards in their hand. If Kontra is announced but not Re, then the Re team only need points to win, rather than Note that announcements can be made at any time during the play, provided that you have at least the requisite number of cards, not just when it is your turn to play.

If one side fails to make 90 points the other side dpopelkopf an extra bonus for “no 90”, similarly there are bonuses for “no 60”, “no 30” and Schwarz all the tricks. Each of these bonuses can be increased in value by announcing it in advance. To make an announcement, the player must have at least the number of cards shown below:.

An announcement can only be made if the team has already made all the previous announcements including Re or Kontraso for example “no 90” can only be announced by a team doplelkopf has said “Re” or “Kontra”, and the declarer’s side cannot announce “no 60” unless they have already announced “Re” and “no 90”.

When an announcement has been made, the other side can announce “Re” or “Kontra” as appropriate if they have not already done soso long as they still have a number of cards in their hand which splelregeln 1 fewer than the number of cards required to make the announcement.

For example if the Re team announce “Re”, “no 90” and “no 60”, a player of the Kontra team can announce “Kontra” as long as they still hold at least 8 cards. If a player has announced a marriage, no announcements can be made until after the end of the trick on which the partnership is determined, and the number of cards required to make a bid is reduced by the number of tricks taken to determine the partnership.

For example, if person with the club queens wins the first trick but not the second, then the partnerships are determined at trick 2, so Re or Kontra can be declared from the end of trick 2, for as long as you have at least 9 11 – 2 cards in hand.

Doppelkopf – Online Guide * BrettspielWelt – Online Portal für Brettspiele

A player announcing “no 90”, “no 60”, etc. This may be necessary, for example, if both “Re” and “Kontra” have already been announced, and a third player wishes to announce “no 90”. It is possible, though unusual, for both teams to announce “no 90” on the same deal. The score is kept on a piece of paper, with a column for each player, containing their cumulative total of points. The scores always add up to zero, and can be thought of as the amount of money won or lost by each player. When two play against two, each player pays to or receives from one opponent; when one plays alone against three, the lone player pays to or receives from all three opponents.


In a solo, if say D is the lone player and wins 4, then D actually scores plus 12, and A, B and C score minus 4 each. The basic score for the game is one point; this is what the Re team win if they take at least card points and nothing else happens.

If the Kontra team ; take at least points, they win two points, one for the game and one for being gegen die Alten against the old women. An announcement of “Re” or “Kontra” adds 2 further points to the score for the side that wins the game. If both are announced, that makes 4 extra points in total. For example, if “Re” and “Kontra” are announced and the Kontra team win, they score 6 points altogether game 1, against the old women 1, Re 2, Kontra 2.

Announcements of “No 90”, “no 60”, “no 30” and Schwarz increase the score by an extra point each. However, if the team fails to fulfil the announcement, they lose the whole game, and the scores for all the points they would have won. For example, if a side announces “Re”, “no 90” and “no 60” they need at least card points to win.

Rules of Card Games: Doppelkopf

If they take only dopplekopf points i. If the “no 60” had not been announced the Re side would instead have won 5 game points Game, Re 2, no 90, no 90 announced. If they had only announced Re they would have won 4 Game, Re 2, no One side announces “Re” and “no 90”, the other “Kontra”. The Re doppelkoppf take 88 card points no They lose spielregepn no 90 made by the Kontra side, spilregeln, women, Re 2, Kontra 2, no 90, no 90 announced.

In addition to the points described above, there are a number of game points that can be scored during play, which are independent of the game and other points, and can be scored spie,regeln either team whether or not the game succeeds.

All these points apply to the whole team – spkelregeln example if you win the last trick with a Charlie, your partner benefits as well. It is possible for two or three points to be scored on one trick, e. Tournaments are normally played in a number of sessions of 24 deals, each session consisting of 20 normal hands plus 4 compulsory solos if their are five players rather than four, then 25 hands with five solos. Each player must foppelkopf one “compulsory” solo during the session, and may bid other “lust” solos.

The first solo each player bids is counted as their compulsory solo, doppelkopr they get the lead. After the hand the same dealer deals again.

A compulsory solo ranks above a lust solo in the bidding; if more than one player wants to play a compulsory solo the earliest in the bidding order plays. If a player fails to bid a solo by the end of a session, an additional hand is dealt on which they must bid solo. The rule that the first of equal cards wins makes it very important to lead your ace of a side suit before an opponent can lead theirs, as the second round is almost certain to be trumped – there are only 8 cards in a suit 6 in hearts.

If you happen to have both aces in a suit, then it is not urgent to lead one. Therefore, if on lead at doppelkopff start, you priorities are usually:. After this, you doppelkppf try to give the lead to your partner.

If you are on the Re side you will normally lead a trump to your partner’s Q. If on the Kontra side you may lead a side suit this is not always done, but gives a good indication of which side the leader is on. However, if your partner has said Kontra you should lead a trump as they should have at least one 10 and may well want you to lead trumps. If you are trumping in, and there is a possibility of being overtrumped, trump with at least a Jack so that the fourth player cannot win with a Fox or 10 of trumps.