Name: Physical. Value Step & Dice Physical Defense Value. /. Player: Dexterity. ( ). Spell Defense Value. /. Discipline: Circle: Strength. (). Social Defense Value. Earthdawn Character Sheet. © William Arnold v GENERAL INFO. ATTRIBUTES. COMBAT STATISTICS. Name: Physical. perception. ❑❑❑. Carrying capacity legend points willpower. ❑❑❑ current: total: charisma. ❑❑❑ initiative. Reputation: renown: karma current: Maximum.

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This is an unofficial online character generator for the Earthdawn RPG mostly 2nd edition. Is there any chance of reuploading the sheets with full ability to save data? It starts in line 7. Use pdf-xchange viewer to edit and save the filled sheet. Only solution could be to provide the spell sheet as a stand alone page.

Don’t reload the page during character creation or you will lose all your entries. In the ones I can save it says “Please fill out the following form. If I leave line 7 entry, I have the same problem in line 8 and the following lines. There might also be some house rules incorporated into some of the talents but the basic character generation rules using the attribute purchase method match the ones from 2nd edition. Unfortunately I can’t do anything about it, seems to be a conversion thing.

I love the layout of your character sheets but it is a shame the editing rights set up don’t permit saving the completed sheet, only printing it out.

If you wonder how you can make the fields of an already finished PDF editable; I used the free online software PDF Escape to add checkboxes and editable fields to the sheet. Cause this would be the same with spells like undead struggle, too. All fields and checkboxes of the following two versions of the characrer are editable.


Thanks earthdaw testing and “error finding”. As I have Adobe Reader only and not a full pdf editor, and no skill in manipulating pdfs I cannot adjust that setting myself.

In order to print the page set all the page margins in your browser’s print dialog to 0, then it should all fit nicely onto a single sheet of paper. Earthvawn load a previously saved character just select the corresponding file on your local disk with the following browse dialog and then click the load button. And of course the source is freely accessible and modifiable, therefore dear game master don’t expect charactfr saved characters to be always valid.

It uses the alternative discipline mechanics as proposed by RedBrick for the 3rd edition but with custom talent charactdr based on the 1st and 2nd edition talents. May you interested in renaming the data field names into names which are already handled by the Earthdawn Character Editor? The text fields of the scroll character sheet can’t be edited yet. At the bottom of first page are 6 fields to count whatever you need. Click to add skill to sheet.

How does it look like for you? To be exactly it was Elidis who requested it and as I recently remembered that request I contacted ajfel to make the english version of his character sheet editable. The original sheets were updated and received new user rights and can now be saved with Acrobat Reader too. Sorry for this major error, but who could have expected that.


I thought about talent knacks, but as separate, additional page, maybe also with Questors powers. You can save data typed into this form.

Earthdawn Character Generator

The ability to modify and save the sheet is an Adobe Reader problem and not a problem of the sheet rights. The current program was tested in Firefox 3. One comment on that post wanted the character sheet to become editable.

It uses some server-side scripts also in order to retrieve the basic data but it would be possible to convert it to a strictly client-side tool. I mentioned in one of shwet previous Link Advice a great character sheet. But finally I re-edited the Spell page and finished it today. One version uses the alternative dice table with D20the other one……… well guess it.

D12 dice table sheet. Scroll- design sheet mirror As I recently updated the downloads sectionI realized that the Earthdawn Blog provided only once an Earthdawn character sheet.

Earthdawn Blog: Official Earthdawn 4th edition character sheet available for download

eartdhawn You record with those checkboxes the attribute increase. I hope this information has been useful to help you to track down that extra functionality.

Here is the redesigned currently non editable sheet:. All the fields and boxes can be edited.