Hochwertige Produkte aus dem Bereich der Befestigungstechnik. Hier geht es zur Übersicht der einzelnen Anwendungsbereiche. EJOT® Solarbefestiger dienen zur Befestigung der Unterkonstruktionen von Solaranlagen und Photovoltaikanlagen. items 50 EJOT Solarbefestiger für STAHL-Unterkonstruktion Edelstahl M10 8x/ EUR ; + EUR postage. From Germany.

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On the other hand, it underlines that, solarbefeetiger standards aside, the human aspect both inside and outside the company are just as important. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Industrial Window and Facade Technology Show more. Top of page Print page.

The pre-drilling diameter ought to be reviewed in solarbefestifer case. On the one hand it mirrors the uncompromising pursuit of the highest product quality, and on the other hand it underlines — beyond the mere technical aspect — that human relations both inside and outside our company are just as important to us.

Solar Fastening Adaptor Plate – Solar Fasteners – EJOT UK

Do not have an account yet? Working with solar fasteners includes the following advantages: Screws and anchors for fixing substructures and facade cladding of rear ventilated systems.

Mounting on wood or steel. We are committed to the development of new products and installation techniques for Building and Construction.

Solar fastener for subconstructions wood

On the other hand, it underlines that, technical standards aside, the human aspect both inside and outside the company are just as important. The salient features of the program are: Further products Similar products Last viewed products. Do not have an account yet?


Here you find a calculation software designed to help even inexperienced users to find the proper anchor for connections into concrete. Being developed by experts in the fixing industry from all Europe and having as a base of calculation, the Europe design standards ETAGChemical Anchor Engineering is the friendliest software from this category.

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Photovoltaic Panels System Installation – EJOT UK

Choose any Application Area listed left and click through to see more specific choices. For structural engineers this is a really helpful tool, saving them from the long hand calculations and offering more anchoring solutions for various substrates.

Solarbefestiher fasteners can be applied on roofs with trapezoidal profile sheets, currogated sheets, sandwich elements and currogated fiber panels. For all technical specifications see download For a pre structural assessment download the questionnaire. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Applications Properties Technical specifications Downloads. Top of page Print page. You have 0 items in your cart. Orders will be rounded up to the available packaging unit. Find out more here.

For mounting of subconstructions for solar plants and photovoltaic systems. Then, hover your cursor over any box to reveal more about each option. Prices are not necessarily based on packaging units, in most cases per hundred or per piece.


By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to ejt use of cookies. The roof’s covering shell is not damaged via tensile and solarbeffestiger forces since these are transferred into the subconstruction via a solar fastener. On completion of the checkout process you will receive an email confirming the delivery date of outstanding quantities. This site uses cookies.

Solar fastener

Solar You are here: For fixing solar installations to timber substructures Suitable for sinusoidal profile sheets – Fibre cement. The EJOT mounting plate is not for any specific system.

On one hand, it reflects the uncompromising efforts made to achieve the highest possible levels of product quality. Quick retrofitting on existing roofs No additional holes in the roof cladding Use of proven sealing systems No special installation tools necessary Extremely safe fastening with direct embedment ejjot the substructure DIBt approved fastener.

To the download Please fill in the following form and click on the button to download the approval tool.

Utilization factor shown in percentage for the entire range Anchor filter option. This site uses cookies. Availability In Stock Available soon.