The Book of Disquiet is a work by the Portuguese author Fernando Pessoa ( –). Published posthumously, The Book of Disquiet is a fragmentary. Fernando Pessoa. Libro del desasosiego. Fernando Pessoa. Libro del desasosiego. Image may contain: text. Likes3 Comments93 Shares. English (US). Libro Del Desasosiego Pessoa. 9 likes. Book. Libro Del Desasosiego Pessoa. Privacy · Terms. About. Libro Del Desasosiego Pessoa. Book. 9 people like this.

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The onanist may be an abject creature but in truth he is the logical expression of the lover.

There are phrases from literary works that have a positively human personality. The book has no narrative. But Pessoa— The pages remaining just seem insurmountable.

Libro del desasosiego

It’s just descriptions of things, attempts at aphorisms, declarations of ideas, but there’s no journey. This book isn’t bad. There is already considerable duplication in the work. Mind you, Pessoa acknowledged that Soares most resembled his true self [ “me minus reason and affectivity” ], to the extent there might only have been one.

Un’eccessiva cura nella scelta della parola o della figura retorica in quegli anni per molti sarebbe stato un disvalore.

Pela primeira metade desasosieyo estrelas, pela segunda In his introduction, he writes sesasosiego “if Bernardo Soares does not measure up to the full Pessoa, neither are his diary writings the sum total of Disquietudeto which he was after all a johnny-come-lately. That happiness is unknowingly close at hand, close but eternally beyond his reach. I see that the Penguin classic version of the book has pages, while the Serpent’s tail version of it has only pages.


What I’m getting at here is that I have no idea what being a Symbolist means in the slightest. Or if it was, I totally missed the humor. Besides that the format, entries in his journal, appealed to me and desasoeiego be the only epssoa I finished it.

What is strange is that they think that others should love the book, too. Fernando Pessoa se ensimisma profundamente en la vida, en su vida y a veces nos parece que no somos capaces de alcanzar a vislumbrar, aunque sea de lejos, las profundidades del pozo en el que discurre su existencia.

Libro del desasosiego by Fernando Pessoa (4 star ratings)

We were born into a state of anguish, both metaphysical and moral, and of political disquiet. He sings his thoughts through his writings and then dances on the music he creates during this process.

Ciddi anlamda sinirlerimi bozdu. I just feel that it never got adequately off the ground. Iniciei o Desassossego em setembro de Credit 3 14 Desaeosiego 17, However, I was bored.

Pessoa, for instance, chose to operate mostly under a set of “heteronyms,” which is really just a fancy term for “pen names. I think of Salinger in that degree, who began to feel strongly that being published was an unwelcome intrusion and distraction imposed upon the work itself.


Banality, the banality of existence. And Book of Disquiet is just a part of those findings. I skim read much of the second half. See desasisiego 2 in the thread. O eterno estar no bifurcar dos caminhos! In truth, I was attracted by the cover, and a fascinating quote involving Lisbon which compared the author to Kafka, someone whose writings I adore.

Libro del desasosiego : Fernando Pessoa :

Myron by Gore Vidal was a book which I once threw out in unquenchable contempt. Ryan I can think of a couple of reasons for this: Not the best way to choose a book, of course, but when you’re picking up an unknown title by an author you’ve never heard of, it sometimes seems as good as any. Unless if you love stuff like this, it is a skip for me.

Found myself going back and forth, that’s what worked for me.