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After the death of Simone, Trelkovsky feels obsessed for her and believes his landlord and neighbors are plotting a scheme to force him to also commit suicide. Are we even witnessing Simone Choul’s very own death hallucination, with Trelkovsky as nothing but a figment of her dying mind? The slightly decadent and fetishistic, but innocent, bedtime games of Cul-de-sac have developed into the signs of a basic confusion concerning sexual identity.

German reviewer Andreas Staben writes: An alien is given the chance to rent an apartment for himself in a well-ordered world, however he may be evicted at any given time once the natives find him to be in violation of this world’s well-ordered rules, or failing to properly internalize them.

TenantMovietone News, no. Search for ” The Tenant ” on Amazon. They are always out of his preferred choice of cigarette, Gauloisesso he develops a habit of ordering Marlboroswhich Choule used to order.

A neighbour politely asks him to turn down the music, as his wife is ill and trying to sleep. In a hotel room in Paris, a doctor comes out of the shower and finds that his wife has disappeared.

The fascination is there most obviously, though, in Polanski’s ‘Apartment Trilogy’ [ He visits the apartment of one of his work friends, who plays a marching band record at a spitefully loud volume.


Trelkovsky, a French citizen of Polish origin, is a nondescript and unassuming loner who moves into an apartment the previous occupant of which, a young woman, has thrown herself out of the window. In a disenchanted, jaded world with its fixed social order, the individual and one’s autonomy have but one fate: In his book Polanski and PerceptionDavide Caputo has called the fact that in the end, Inwuilino defenestrates himself not once, but twice “a cruel reminder of the film’s ‘infinite loop'” [20] of Trelkovsky becoming Mme.

El quimérico inquilino

Goofs When Trelkovsky is unpacking as he moves into the apartment, a crew member is reflected in the small mirror adjacent to the kitchen inqullino. Simone is, in fact, only a soul. But Polanski seems to be investing it with important symbolic meaning.

He visits Choule in the hospital but finds her entirely in bandages and unable to talk.

The Tenant – Wikipedia

Der MieterDie Besten Horrorfilme. He inhabits his own body, but it’s as if he had no lease on it, as if at any moment he could be dispossessed for having listened to the radio in his head after 10 P. But this movie is more than a simple examination of the onset of insanity fl within the person who is experiencing it.

He receives a postcard that Badar had posted before realising Simone had died. This world is full of multiple Trelkovskys, little, qulmerico people terrorized by their own sense of total insignificance. They leave together and go out for a drink and a movie ‘s Enter The Dragonwhere they fondle each other. But they are also two organs that cannot indicate whether someone is a man or a woman. Stella is overwhelmed with emotion and begins talking to Simone, who looks towards her visitors and lets out a ihquilino cry.


El quimérico inquilino – Le locataire (The Tenant) – Zoowoman

As Brogan Morris writes in Flickering Myth: Office Worker Michel Blanc A bureaucrat rents a Paris apartment where he finds himself drawn into a rabbit hole of dangerous paranoia. I strongly recommend to watch this movie and take a look at Poe’s, Hoffmann’s and Gogol’s stories. The Tenant has been referred to as a precursor to Kubrick’s The Shining[12] as another film where the lines between reality, madness, and the supernatural become inquillno blurry the question usually asked with The Shining is “Ghosts or cabin fever?

A Life in the Shadow of Roman Polanski. The best I can come up with is to suppose that Trelkovsky, whether in his mind or in reality, is always the same as Simone.

Polanski himself grew up in the Krakow ghettos as a Jewish child under the Nazi occupation and survived by hiding in the countryside and with other families after his parents inquipino taken to the concentration camps, so perhaps one can see the very personal nature of the recurrent themes of isolation, paranoia and the feeling that the apartment is an alien world in his work.

Either submission and internalization of people’s rules – or insanity. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.