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Initially, there was some unfinished business which he had to complete. When we got to work we were a little dis- appointed to find that the number of fspaa with the nerve for such treatment was less than we had hoped. And-this is important-her dress was appropriate to her rooms, although not mostly Chinese. Increasingly in his later years Postan turned to music, particularly to opera, and in battaillon and poetry, in particular, the heritage of his native country stayed vividly alive, although he became English by adoption in personal style, and in political and social values.

From the time of the Paycockes of Coggeshall and after the Nunneries were published the leisure batwillon for research that she always managed to make was filling up with medieval wool.

Marcel Bataillon

The first Trevelyan lectures were given inat which Trevelyan himself made one of his last public appearances. In he obtained a first in the historical tripos, and soon after he was elected a fellow of Trinity. Trevelyan had resolved to write such a book during the First World War as a celebration of, and thank-offering to, the English people.

Postan was very widely read indeed in social theory and philosophy, and for many years gave important lectures on Marxism at Cambridge together with courses in medieval economic history, the Industrial Revolution, and a special subject on British economic history in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Bataillon examina casos concretos en auxilio de sus aseveraciones: But his great work was his Garibaldi trilogy —11which established his reputation as the outstanding literary historian of his generation.

The main results of his British medieval work were published as a book only latterly: The Syndics of the University Press agreed at once and appointed the two projectors its editors. And as Editor, Vice- President, and finally Honorary Vice-President, he exercised a leading influ- ence on the destinies of the Economic History Society for almost half a century.

Cambridge appointed her working partner as she had wished. She wandered into other countrysides in order to prepare and eventually to publish inin Vol. Work on the nunneries was checked, though not laid aside. For Trevelyan, Garibaldi was the champion of freedom, progress, and tolerance, who vanquished the despotism, reaction, and obscurantism of the Austrian empire and the Neapolitan monarchy. It is not possible to think of economic history during the last fifty years either in Britain or the wider world without Munia Postan.


His next book was a life of John Brightanother Liberal hero who was a high-minded internationalist and campaigner for peace, and a central figure in the making of Victorian England. Fromlectureships at University College, London, the London School of Economics again, and Cambridge University followed in quick succession, and instill under 40, he was appointed to succeed Sir John Clapham in the Chair of Economic History at Cambridge.

Eileen Power set out to tell all that was worth telling about the English nunneries and their place in society. His mind remained resilient, outward looking, out-going, youthful, the secret of his rapport with young scholars.

Erasmo y España, estudios sobre la historia espiritual del siglo XVI

He had now established himself as the master of the two forms of writing about the past which held the field when he was growing up, and to which he devoted the remainder of his working life: Once again, the timing was just right. What, under such changed circumstances, was the role of the public t and national historian, which were his self-appointed tasks? Her library was that of a woman of learning, a woman of letters and a collector of books, all combined.

There is an elder statesman of conservative leanings at Cambridge who let me know, with statesmanlike caution, that as chairs were now open to women, why, that was the sort of woman we wanted. His final work in this mode was The English Revolution, —89published to mark the th anniversary of the events it described, and a sort of retrospective prelude to England under Queen Anne.

In he withdrew his name from the final short list for the governor-generalship of Canada. Lord Grey of the Reform Bill was his last piece of partisan whiggery, and Manin and the Venetian Revolution of was his final engagement with Italian history.

She was not trained as one.

By the mids Trevelyan had become a committed Baldwinite tory, and he was convinced that Macaulay would have taken the same view. His great-uncle was Thomas Babington Macaulay, by turns a poet, historian, colonial administrator, and British politician. I think myself that it is just a little too big.

Her rooms were full of beautiful things, mostly Chinese. She was seen more in Cambridge when she accepted a place on the governing body of Girton. This took a less partisan view of politics than his earlier writings, and accepted that it was not only the whigs, but also the tories, who had contributed to the development of the nation.


The plan for the medieval volumes was hers, but elaborated in co-operation with the colleague at the London School, already very near to her and to become much nearer after he had left it. He was a conscientious lecturer, supervised a clutch of research students, including J.

But this did not imply a withdrawal from public life: Before the Review was founded, her travels, her old associations with Paris, the opportunities which London gives for meeting visitors to Museum Street and Chancery Lane-and always the charm of her society- had given her a wide range of scholar friends, American, Italian, Dutch, Chinese, Russian, German, but above all French and Belgian. She was compact of loyalties, to institutions, to ideas, above all to people.

Esta sensibilidad, don raro, es su cualidad saliente.

If Eileen was away, the comforts of her house would constantly be free to vataillon or other of these people. No rechaza esa estructura: In his imaginative insight and eloquent reconstruction of past people and events he was unrivalled among historians of his generation, and his sense of the transience and tragedy of life gives his best writing a poetic power and a haunting batallon that have never been equalled since.

The last two and a half years of her life were a time of great private happiness and growing public misery. The marriage was happy and fulfilling, not least because Janet Trevelyan was herself a clever and public-spirited woman.

But his leadership in the academic world of economic history undisputed for the last forty years or more and recognized in by election to a Fellowship of the British Academy, and in by a Knighthood, was also exercised through his teaching and his editorial work.

He settled down in Cheyne Gardens in Chelsea, and threw himself into the literary and political life of the metropolis. Ahora bien, en los momentos en que estalla la crisis no suelen respetarse -ni entenderse- batsillon posiciones intermedias, las que quieren conservar lo mejor de ambos bandos. Of one activity of these later years I am able to speak with rather special knowledge.

Yet, bataiillon to her conception, the agrarian volume is a whole and can stand alone, as it must, until the nations can co-operate again. Trevelyan ha de tener la historia.