Fires Of Winter [Roberta Gellis] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The windswept plains of medieval England were torn by the raging. Melusine of Ulle, daughter of Scottish nobility, is given in marriage to Bruno of Jernaeve, who secures her land for his sovereign, King David. Born enemies, the . Fires of Winter continues the story Gellis began in A Tapestry of Dreams, and tells the story of Lady Audris’ illegitimate half brother Bruno.

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But through loyalty, cleverness, and brute strength, he carved out a spot at the right hand of the king. Bruno on the other hand is a bastard of a lord, he knows his place, he is favored by the king, and he is very loyal. Roberta Gellis is the bestselling author of over 48 novels in different genres. I think Gellis can be quite hit and miss. Roberta Gellis has been one of the most successful writers of historical fiction of the last few decades, having published about 25 meticulously researched historical novels since The writing style is straight to the point, not flowery.

Looking at the names of aristocratic women in a list from seal in the 12thC, there’s a preponderance of Matildas, Alices, Agnes’s, Isabelles and Margarets, and then suddenly you’ll get an Ysoude, an Alexandria, a Eulalia, or Theophania modern spelling Tiffany.

Additionally, the names bothered me; Melusine may have been a name which cropped up occasionally in medieval France but it doesn’t seem right for early twelfth-century England, and ditto Bruno. Gellis is really good at delivering interesting, true to their period, characters and in immersing her story in history. The review must be at least 50 characters long. Historical Fiction Online Skip to content.


Fires of Winter – Roberta Gellis – Google Books

I guess that sounds good enough of a basis for your usual historical romance and as much as I do enjoy reading Gellis this book has some problems. It made for a very interesting read! The first of the Roselynde books are definitely the best I’ve seen yet. I actually liked the main characters quite a bit, especially Bruno.

The heroine is given to him in an arranged marriage and has dubious loyalties to Stephen. This delight is a classic of yesteryear and a great winter read for those long cold nights with a good cup of tea, warm throw and a bit of chocolate.

Fires of Winter

A couple of issues that keep me from giv This book puts the “historical” in historical fiction. You can read this item using any of the following Kobo apps and devices: Yup, they had Tiffany in the 12thc!! Stephen’s Queen Maude orders Bruno to wed Melusine in order to watch her as the daughter of a rebel, and Bruno and Melusine form an alliance to regain Melusine’s lost land of Ulle.

Because reading this book is exhausting. I almost gave up on this book several times. If it had not been a book I had promised to review, I would never have finished it.


There is a grittiness to it as well that you rarely find in historical romances now. It was called Vantage Point and about the 80 millionth time they went back to explain it I was ready to take extreme measures gellos to make it stop.

His closeness to the king adds interest to a story filled with political intrigue.

Fires of Winter (Tales of Jernaeve, #2) by Roberta Gellis

B This delight is a classic of yesteryear and a great winter read for those long cold nights with a good cup of tea, warm throw and a bit of chocolate. Kudos to Gellis for not only doing incredibly deep research, but also for weaving real historical events oh-so skillfully into this fictional story. Although she is better known for her Roselynde Chronicles whenever I find one of her books I always feel pretty happy and save them for a rainy day.

What reviewers are saying about Fires of Winter: Books by Roberta Gellis.

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Tall, Dark, and Wicked. Apr 24, Linda Morris rated it really liked it. Both she and Hugh had my attention when they were in the story line.