CHESS. FUNDAMENTALS ву. JOSÉ R. CAPABLANCA. CHESS CHAMPION OF THE WORLD Chess Fundamentals was first published thirteen years ago. ‘Chess Fundamentals’ by Jose Raul Capablanca. Algebraic edition. Game 1. Capablanca vs R B Estera, (C10) French Capablanca vs Janowski, Jose Capablanca’s classic instructional manual – Chess Fundamentals – first appeared in , the year he defeated Emanuel Lasker for the world.

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He says everything that needs to be said and nothing more. Apr 6, 2. Control of the centre 8. Queenside pawn majority 8.

Open Chess Books is a project by Degenerate Metrics. Planning a Win in the Middle-Game Play This Wikibook assumes that the reader understands the rules of chess and algebraic notation. The book was published inthe year he became world champion. Abnhgt rated it it was ok Jun 05, The attack should be concentrated on the weakest square in the opponent’s position. In order to force a mate without the aid of the King, at least two Rooks are required.

ThrillerFan 21 min ago. World chess champion from Chess Fundamentals The “Revised” version, where both the descriptive notation has been replaced with algebraic thank you! There were perhaps a few more positions than needed to really be considered as concise as possible without lacking information, but that extra practice does help.

A well-written, very useful guide accessibly for a beginner. To see how ridiculous such a judgment is, imagine assessing Newton’s Principia by the contemporary knowledge in physi “Chess Fundamentals” is an outstanding chess book not only for its historical value. It has taken eleven moves to mate, and, under any conditions, I believe it should be done in under twenty.


This book is an important window into the mind of a World Chess Champion and one of few chess players in the conversation as greatest of all time. Covers the necessary topics to give a beginner a solid foundation on which to build.

Chess Strategy – Wikibooks, open books for an open world

How to find out which pawn will be first to queen In terms of distillation of fundamental principles, this is the best book on chess I’ve ever read. I don’t care for descriptive notation, but I have a copy of the old version to double check text against the newer versions.

Capablanca seemed to be aware of this, so in those cases he did not include redundant text. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. If in an inferior position, the defender should be ready to defend and make compromises, or take other measures, such as a desperate counterattack.

A quote from the second World Champion, Emmanuel Laskergoes, “A bad plan is better than no plan at all.

It is left up to the reader to use his chess board to go over the variations, and Capabla This is an ideal example of how a concise introductory book should be written. Cutting off pieces from the scene of action Chapter V.

Based on the algebraic, but otherwise unmodified, edition of the book. The goal of the stronger side is to store up the advantages, and then to convert temporary advantages into permanent ones. Thanks for telling us about the problem. In other languages Add links.

The book is well written: Chess Fundamentals, Revised The other algebraic edition, which simply replaces the descriptive notation but does not change any of the text. Some winning positions in the middle-game 5.

Chess Fundamentals by Jose Raul Capablanca

A classic, but what I remember is a long combination nobody funda,entals be able to repeat. At that point in time he had been undefeated for almost 6 years, and it would be another 3 years before he lost a single game. With the advent of computers, some of his statements have shown to be false. Mark all topics as READ.


1. Some Simple Mates

While it may be monotonous, it is worth while for the beginner to practice such things, as it will teach him the proper handling of his pieces. Capablanca was a World Chess Champion and one of the greatest players in chess history, yet he wrote very little about the game. Vasil Krstevski rated it really liked it Oct 24, It notably differs from the verbosity of the commentaries found in today’s chess magazines like “New in Chess” where the annotators flood the reader with a multitude of secondary lines.

As the Queen combines the power of the Rook and the Bishop, it is the easiest mate of all and should always be accomplished in under ten moves.

After going chesd such junk commentary, mostly obtained by running the last chess engine and falsely claimed to reflect the evaluation during the game, the amateur is confused. Using this Wikibook This Wikibook assumes that the reader understands the rules of chess and algebraic notation. Feb 8, 6. Endings, Middle-game and Openings 1. Howard Osterman rated it it was amazing Sep 28, Not to mention modest.