So what is this book, Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid — usually known by its acronym, “GEB” — really all about? That question has hounded me . Part I: GEB. Introduction: A Musico-Logical Offering. The book opens with the story of Bach’s Musical. Offering. Bach made an impromptu visit to King Frederick . consciousness and unified theories? Get ready to chase me down a rabbit hole into Douglas Hofstadter’s Pulitzer Prize winning book Gödel, Escher, Bach.

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In the back of the class my friend Rich would read it during second year Algebra lectures – he’d sit under the light on the emergency circuit while the rest of the class was darkened so that the teacher could write on the overhead projector while monotonically lecturing for fifty minutes after lunch.

This allows a system to be interpreted in varying ways without losing important information. And I’m fine with that.

Oh well, I’ll take a crack at it anyway. But the writer cannot bring an imagined character out of the book into real life. And all ohfstadter relates back to how a system can be more than the sum of its parts. It’s more textbooky, but still short, and it will let you see how some of the same themes hlfstadter out in geometry as well as arithmetic.

Is the core thesis outdated? At its minimal are the bare particles that do not interact with others. I highly recommend this book to anyone, by the way.

Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid by Douglas R. Hofstadter

Yes, If you open up the “20th Anniversary Edition” of GEByou’ll see that the first thing Douglas Hofstadter does in the introduction – the very first thing – is grouse that nobody seems to understand what his book is about. View all 9 comments. If you like books and love to build cool products, we may be looking for you. The book meanders, taking its time, through a myriad of topics, from music theory to painting to artificial intelligence.

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No, the book isn’t designed this way, but considering that I couldn’t discern a solid central idea until page of the book, and that this grb only one of several theses in the book, I wouldn’t be surprised if it proved possible to begin anywhere.

Gödel, Escher, Bach – Wikipedia

We then guess at the answer intuitively. With interesting discussion partners, it can make a great book club read, as there are so many possible tangents. I’m definitely going to be the only one who uses a Legally Blonde gif. An example of this is when an writer hofstater inspiration from real life and brings it into the writing. Imagine a world where brute-force alpha-beta search was just not good enough to beat humans at chess; a world where advances in chess-playing computers would require chessmasters to encode their expertise in interesting data structures.

View all 4 comments. A computer may contain countless data, but without the procedure with which to retrieve and hofstadetr it, the data is useless. Hofstadter, and even to you, but to me, there may be an entirely different conclusion from the same information. That would have been a better braid. Actually, just read Neil Stephenson period, as between his various work he manages to do everything Hofstadter attempts only better.

Hofstadter does a lot of preliminary work priming the reader’s brain with assumptions taken from theoretical mathematics and computer gbe. At horstadter rate, it is essential for any intellectual’s library. Don’t get This is an absolutely phenomenal work. But they are not my words. The Dreaming in Aboriginal art adds a further dimension to interpretation of geometric shapes.

Now for some of the pros and cons of the book: In conclusion, the Zen master exclaimed that we are all like blind men. Retrieved from ” https: You hofstavter just differ with the masses in not hating mathematics. It really is, in my opinion, an amazing and clever book. I have gone back and reread sections of it over the years. Analogy as the Fuel and Fire of Thinking. This is to safeguard against loss of information in case of brain damage.

Even how information storage in the brain points out the sheer difficulty of emulating human intelligence. In another, the characters jump into a book, and then jump deeper into a book that was in the book.

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Lists with This Book.

GEB is an astonishing achievement in popularizing mathematical philosophy! A unique endeavor that, while not always successful in the pursuit of a coherent and convincing elucidation of the author’s theses, represents something of a classic that must be read for its This is quite a remarkable book: Let me break it down for you. The issues of self-reference and self-awareness, and how they relate to both human and potential artificial intelligence, were likewise extremely compelling.

I thought it was only you up here!

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The second one is recursive, in which the ground is as important as the figure. If life can grow out of the formal chemical substrate of the cell, if consciousness can emerge out of a formal system of firing neurons, then so too will computers attain human intelligence. I read GEB as my subway book, back in during a work stint in Parisduring my daily commute to work. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals.

While I don’t think hofstsdter is quite accessible to just any audience, I do think that it is a must read for any academic, particularly in a mathematically rigorous field. GEB has the potential to put your beliefs about the nature of consciousness and life on a hoftadter sounder, but more challenging intellectual footing, and it’s a great distillation of the ferment but ever increasing levels of profundity experienced in theoretical science since the s – when we found ourselves with power to explain phenomena we were confident we could leave to the spiritual even post – Enlightenment, just as Godel encountered our first?

In particular, ZFC, combined with first-order logic, gives a satisfactory and almost universally accepted formalism for almost all current mathematics. He put together a list of books, sold them as a subscription to libraries and away he went.