Sensei’s Library, page: Go Databases, keywords: Software. SL is a large WikiWikiWeb about the game of Go (Baduk, Weiqi). It’s a collaboration. Kifu is the Japanese go term for game record, but its use is discouraged by some people, since the English game record works well. The recent. SL is a large WikiWikiWeb about the game of Go (Baduk, Weiqi). The idea is you add the moves on the kifu itself, ++ on the.

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Book View SmartGo Kifu provides an innovative way to replay games. I’ve been trying to record a game twice now: This article needs additional citations for verification.

iPad go AI: which one to use after SmartGo Kifu? • Life In 19×19

SmartGo – 60, professional games as of June Tue Mar 17, 1: The analysis program could then determine from the pictures which of them has the next move by checking if there is a difference on the game state.

I’ll give you a game on http: Hactar Go – Android application, full version offers position and text search from over pro games and amateur games. For example, you can adjust misplaced moves, insert a pair of moves, add comments, and email the game record to your opponent.

You’re still better off playing humans as well though!

Go Databases

To take it further, you could even write a kfu to automatically analyze the pictures and create an SGF file from it. If the location was previously occupied by a handicap stone, use the “49 at left of 22” notation, where 22 is a move played on the point to the right. Which one s do you recommend?

You’re all giving og advice, but not answering his question Thank you for the support: Sun Mar 15, 5: Some seem to think other than having a teacher play a game with you, and comment as you go, everything else is inferior. Free has small database. It always feels very weird when the white moves are odd-numbered.


Kifu-Snap: automatic go-board image recognition

The most popular file format is SGF. Annotations by the side of the kifu give this information, usually in the form ’57 at 51′ or something comparable. Game recording and editing features have been fine-tuned through actual use at many tournaments, so it’s a snap to record your over-the-board games.

I also gk that my memory is faulty — the parts that I don’t remember well, like ko fights and the end game, are also parts where I’m making big mistakes.

The iOS app Baduk Cap has automatic move recognition and allows to take pictures at pre-defined time intervals. I have to record games when I play teaching games with beginners, since I find it’s hard to remember their moves.

But we don’t really need multiple methods of recording games, and if you intend your game records to be understandable by others it is better to use the existing system as it is used by millions g the Far East, in which handicap stones are not numbered. Compared to other Go programs, SmartGo is more powerful and easier to use.

This accounts for one feature of the records passed down: The other player said, “Hey, you recorded my move before I played! I have found that it prevents go-blindness, in which I occasionaly dont see an atari due to being too focused on a different move.

I think they were available from kifj British Go Association shop. I don’t like the fact that it is limited to portrait mode, because the iPad can be harder to hold this way and because the keyboard is small for writing down notes during a gamebut it’s a small price to pay.

Neither Champion Go nor Igowin HD allow you to make comments as you play as far as I can see however you can export the sgf to SmartGo Kifu and add comments later if you want to review the game. I used a camera to take a picture of the final position and once during a game as a help for reconstructing the game.


Go Databases at Sensei’s Library

Tue Mar 17, Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. In most games, a small number of plays are at intersections that were previously occupied this happens, for example, during a ko fight. These eliminate the common error of writing a number out of sequence.

Similar to translator notes or so That’s an idea of Botvinnik’s. Playing 10 – 20 or so games at once gets around this. Wed Mar 11, 9: A large corpus — many thousands of games — of kifu records from the Kiffu period has survived. If the handicap stones are not specially treated in the beginning, then the ko notation “49 at left of 22” special case need not occur. Page 1 of 2.

If the point where a ko is being taken is obvious, it suffices to just write “49 takes ko”. You can search and filter by any criteria. With the new Java-enabled kiuf it might even be possible to program it to make a picture regularly, so all you need to do is position the phone and start the recording program but I don’t know how far the integration between phone and Java goes.

SmartGo automatically adjusts the handicap to keep the game interesting — start with 9×9, and unlock 11×11 and 13×13 as you get stronger.