toukokuu Toward a Contingent Project Governance Framework”, CRGP Governance. Uuden hallintatavan jäsentyminen, Juvenes Print, Tampere, s. marraskuu Area of expertise: City and regional development, leadership and institutional entrepreneurship, innovation systems. Field of research. Governance of chemical risks in the KiRa sector as a practical example .. 1 From the book ‘Governance’ Uuden hallintatavan jäsentyminen (edited by. Karppi .

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Information entered on the form have changed. Do you want to save the information before continuing? Place leadership and regional economic development: Economic specialization and diversification at the country and regional level: European Planning Studies, In Benneworth Paul ed. Universities and Regional Economic Development: Engaging with the Periphery. Abingdon ja New York: Smart specialization and place leadership: Regional Studies, Regional Science 5 1 Sotarauta Markku, Suvinen Nina.

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Governance: uuden hallintatavan jäsentyminen

The Triple Helix model and the competence set: Triple helix 3, 8. Territorial knowledge leadership in policy networks: A peripheral region of South Ostrobothnia, Finland as a case in point.

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Vererõhk võib põhjustada emakaversiooni tooni suurenemist

Strategic adaptation to the knowledge economy in less favoured regions: Regional Economies as Knowledge Laboratories: European Planning Studies 10 5 Polycentric Development and Urban Networking: Teaching Futures-Seeking Policy Process.

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