GURPS Cthulhupunk (GURPS Third Edition) has 47 ratings and 2 reviews. J.G. Keely said: A concept which I love, though perhaps for the wrong reasons, but. Produced in cooperation with Chaosium, Inc., GURPS CthulhuPunk provides a and malevolent tomes from Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu, converted into GURPS. GURPS CthulhuPunk was created in cooperation with Chaosium and converted many items seen in the Call of Cthulhu RPG into GURPS terms. The setting.

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GURPS Cthulhupunk (GURPS Third Edition)

He understood that an organization as important and sensitive as the Society couldn’t tolerate even the slightest tinge of public disgrace deserved or not in an active member, but even if he didn’t take chtulhupunk expulsion personally, it still hurt.

Feeling a sudden need for an ally, Jayboy sought out an acquaintance called Booshk. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Booshk became aware of his sexuality about the same time that the repressive ProGov came into power, so he was always careful to not be obvious. These days he’s drinking less or at least spending less time drunkand he’s more careful in his sex life — he’s thinking about finding somebody to settle down with.

Skill Based buy or gain skills. A consideration of running Cyberpunk games, and how to do it without forcing your game into the default dark, grim. There’s always a market for skills like Booshk’s, if you’re not too gufps about who you work for, or too insistent to claim all the public credit for what you do. On a trip to the U.

cthulhypunk The classic horror of the Cthulhu Mythos meets the dark future of cyberpunk. Jayboy is a good-looking, rather soft-faced young man of indeterminate ethnic heritage, with the unruly hair and deep pallor of a true hacker.

GURPS Cthulhupunk

Her parents didn’t count, however, on Anya’s intelligence, or her talent. The game presents a world where future shock and social unrest foment against a background of ancient and inimical alien forces that have oppressed the Earth and its inhabitants for eons. Unfortunately, those questions are not tackled in this setting, which though it poses many curious possibilities, fails to make the requisite zeitgeist shift to create the truly new and intriguing setting that the cover promises.


More recently, she finally matured enough physically to make a living dancing in clubs. Charles rated it really liked it Aug 08, Emilio rated it liked it Oct 28, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Jayboy fixed her up with a forged Citcard and kept them both fed and sleeping indoors. Despite his new-found dissipation, Booshk never “hit bottom. Ever since his disgrace, Booshk has been making noise about pulling up stakes and moving to Japan or Russia, where his skills would matter more than his dating habits.

Readers of GURPS CthulhuPunk will recognize the three characters who appear below as appearing or, in Anyadoll’s case, conspicuously failing to appear in the fictional vignettes that introduce each chapter of the book.

GURPS CthulhuPunk

More Information Edit History. I supported because… “chk chk chk chk sssssssssaaaaaa! Her parent’s trade mission ended very badly, and their company was completely cut off from all U. Andrew Bonham rated it liked it Mar 14, Return to Book Page.

Booshk has not only discovered that he likes the street-life, he’s also come to believe that he’s needed. Anya Cho is the third child and only daughter of two very important ‘zeks in one of the major Russo-Jap korps GM’s choice.

Pyramid: Three NPCs for GURPS CthulhuPunk

Mark rated it liked it Sep 28, He always carries a small shiv concealed somewhere on his person, but only carries his holdout pistol in emergency situations. Keely rated it liked it Shelves: The patrons took their cyberdeck with them, of course, but Jayboy and Booshk managed to cobble together a replacement there are about half a dozen people in North America capable of “cobbling together” an environmental interface cyberdeck using mostly street-level tech — Booshk is one of them.


Donald rated it really liked it Sep 08, At first he didn’t go simply because the ProGov was watching him too closely to sneak out of the country, but these days the truth is ggurps — he’s grown addicted to life on the edge. Open Preview See a Problem?

Zerthimon21 rated it it was amazing Feb 13, This page does not exist. In addition, the combination of a setting which seems to promise the transhuman ascension of humanity to near godhood and pits the players against literal gods seems to provide an inevitable and epic conflict never possible in Lovecraft’s roaring twenties.

The investigators now have supercomputers, cyborged bodies, and deadly new hand weapons – but the breakdown of society has given the malevolent entities of the Mythos new breeding grounds for corruption and decay.

What GM could fail to see the utter hopelessness and control present in a setting where the overt is complete loss of control and humanity on a social and technological level, and the covert a loss of same on a cosmic and existential one? Of course, this also cthulhupuni the question: She doesn’t carry cyhulhupunk know how to use any weapons. Ask Rasmussen rated it liked it Sep 08, Since one of the essential cghulhupunk of Mythos stories is that most people are completely unaware of the supernatural force that permeate the universe, Cthulhupunj used Paul Hume’s brilliantly-conceived GURPS Cyberworld as the normal-seeming “front” for the CthulhuPunk world.