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Jack Delaney ia one of them. The shares traded in in H were 17,3 II 1 awbn rll a.

I J tills number nm. I he new Bishop Is to bo BuflfagaB of Walapu, but hs will have a i ommlsMon to assist tn anv dloce where his service among the natives may help the Maori and white clergy hmkI mKiineis coiLsi. The Macks bat- tered rieve’aiid bv Sacramento 7 10 0 Hollywood 0 18 1 Batteries: It fho proptf tlofit. Where the Waters Descend 1. I thought would land near the flag.


A camp- fire scene followed, with twelve girls grouped around the fire singing their. Look at thr–c ov prirrs.

Kowntiee’s for Cocoa, Ji-lb. Eraser pointed out the causes of the spread of Hie disease and the lack ot proper pre- caution in controlling the outbreak In its early stages Both vaccinated and unvaccinatca persons lost uieir lives.


Oraham defeated H Stewart. I up and 4 to play. The best flies are the blue don, March brown, bine upright and red palmer. Tuesday for England On her maiden voyage, Ss.

Company this year for additional use of water. Lord Boston preserves one of the back waters below the bridge. B Koyl last week on their way to Seattle and tlon, ennotmced the marriage of his rtaugliter, Ktliel May tn Ctuirle, J. One was ten miles lom?

Full text of “The Angler’s Diary and Tourist Fisherman’s Gazetteer of the Rivers and Lakes “

King’s Arms ; very comfortable. Thty are seldom able to make the long jouniey to the national cham- pion. It didn’t fight back.

A demonstration of phys- ical drill was perfectly executed bv Qhin Taylor. Salmon and salmon trout may be fished for from Canterbury downwards with any bait No trout may be killed under ISin. There are eeveral bums containing treat. Other clauses in the draft treaty modify the present British super- vision of Egyptian internal affairs, the newspaper says.


Full text of “The Daily Colonist ()”

Onge is doing In Vic- toria, it Is hoped, will bear fruit and result helping to minimi? Swim- bridge rises by Swimbridffe D. South Alnca The late Mrs Dlespeckrr had been. He advocated abrogation of the Japanese treaty.

Smith if- A most interesting speaker and will talk on subjects of especial in- terest to the members.

Recruits Stanley Hulford was taken on the strength of the pack Investiture -At the clone of the meeting Akela Sherwood held a very Impressive investiture cere- mony, when recruit Eric Whitehead made his promise and was received into the park as a brother Twmer Cub. Princess Adelaide en -oute frmn Victoria to Vanronver Mr.

Yet does this yield to man at last I harvest of 00O tel. It l lit; a. Allen rises in St.