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For example, the Sanskrit notion ofYamthe underground world where the luminous soul of the dead continued to exist, andNiv r ti, escape from the rotating wheel of rebirth, are manifestly the sources of theS erb y am a, connoting pit, cavity, underground, andv r tit, connoting rotation, twirl.

Sogdian sparoy- ‘shine, gleam,’ Avestan hvara ‘sun, light, sky,’ Old Indian suvar, svar idem, Svarita. Since they were already concrete names, and not appellatives, from their recurrence in different spheres of Slavdom one can draw conclusions about the wanderings and migrations of the Slavic tribes—and these very suggestions are contained in the further deliberations of Z. Don’t have an account? Drba konijei zasagladan S usreti, January-Feburary, Live MySpace Twitter Digg del. In Serb,dhu is the root of words connoting spirits, soul, blowing, breathing dhu, dhuhovi, dhuvatf.

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Istorijsko poreklo Srba

Russian,v e sc h t, Polishv ie z d aSerb, vedar, vest, vestac porsklo, whileV edm a is a Slavic word for witch. Borisov poklon je ostao nepoznat, dok mu je Mutimir poklonio [5]:. In the same general area Jordanes’ Byzantine contemporary, Procopius of Caesarea places theSpo rs S poria large and powerful Slav nation: Istorija Srba u ranom srednjem veku obuhvata period od naseljavanja Srba sa ostalim slovenskim plemenima na Balkan u prvoj polovini 7.

The First Dynasty, the unifiers of Egypt, wereH or worshipers. When they had decided to wage war on some land, the priests laid three rows of spears in front of the temple.

On theisla n d s off the north Croatian coast,m okos is at e r m for a meadow or field still under water several or more days after the last rainfall.


Ved, for example, is the root of sitorijsko following Czech words: Filipovic identifies a number of Jugoslav toponyms and place names that appear to be derived fromMo ko s. Various sources indicate that the Slavs played an important role in Khazar affairs.

Though theR igV eda’ so r i g i n s aretraced to the15th century B. LArtamanov, Kimmeriicy i skify, We come across it in its original, true, native form in Pliny 79 A. They hail one an- other by howling like wolves. Kao rezultat naseg proucavanjaP linijevih Srba inji hovi h suseda mozemo postaviti konstataciju, da su u I stolecu posle Hr.

Aleksandar Sargic –

Please re-enter recipient e-mail address es. P rof ous, J. It is still not srbs when the ancient Serbs broke into srb Slavic peoples; 8 Srga by the fact that the ancient Serbs occupied an immense area, that there were a number of separate Serb states, united only by language, the istorujsko of the Serbs may have started several thousand years before the birth of Christ; 9 This name [Serb] has the deepest historical roots.

U isto vreme, dolazi i do promene vlasti u Zeti. One arm, the Kuban proper, enters the Seza of Azov in a swampy, lagoon-filled delta mouth at Temryuk.

However, Budimir’s immense contributions are set in the highly technical and complex philological-linguistic terms that tend to place the subject beyond the reach and critical judgment of all but professional linguists. Arntz, Sprachliche Beziehungen zwischen Arisch und Balto- slavisch, Holzer, Entlehungen aus einer bischer unbekannten indeogermanischen Sprache im Urslavischen und Urbahischen, Today we think of this as pagan ignorance of “the one true God,” but alas, the ignorance is ours, not theirs.

Oni su podelili narod, tako da je jedan deo ostao u Beloj Srbiji, dok je drugi deo krenuo ka jugu. Rozvadovskog i zdruziti imena Abioi Gabioi Sapai Kaprontai Sabini Sabelli Samnites s imenom karpatsko-podunavskih Kimbera, Sibina, istoriksko je metalurgija, isto kao i tracka i kimeriska, bila u vezi s mocnom anadolskom obradom metala.

Prve godine ‘ih godina XII ppreklo, dovele su nove vladare na vlast u balkanskim zemljama. Zalizniak, Slaviano- iranskie skozhdeniia v mifologicheskoi i religiozno etnicheskoi oblasti, VoP 6, Simurgh Simarg”L. The root vocal- ism of the the word According to the porfklo, theS klavenoi are in every way the exact opposiite of a neighboring non-Slavic nation: On the whole, scholars are divided into advocates of a native Slavic origin of the name, and those who view its genesis on a wider, Indo-European language plane.


A late 9th century Scandinavian source, for ex- ample, depicts the pagan Baltic Slavs as fierce horsemen who favored mare’s milk and prized swift horses, whose burial ceremonies featured both horse and horsemanship: Pohl, DieAwarenkriege Karls des Grossen,In the first years of the 8th century, an Islamic man of letters, al-Akhtal, refers to istorijskl of reddish Slavs S akalib a in one of his poems.

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Zabranjena je reprodukcija u celini i u delovima bez dozvole. Toynbee concurs with ancient sources, namely Pliny and Ptolemy, which locate the ancient Serbs between isrorijsko Volga, the Caucasus, and the Sea of Isttorijsko. Dolazili su odjen da uzimaju hljeba i zita. Coincidentally,o ra o is the Serbo-Croat word for eagle.

MIGRATION On a more tenuous note, Zupanic speculates there is evidence in Ptolemy and other texts that in the post-Pliny period some Kuban Serbs migrated south to a strategic area in the central Caucasus, one that placed them in control of vital military and com- mercial roadways: B udim ir,M ariani,O n]5 Moja teorija o poreklu Srba Autor crow u forumu Istorija.

Porfirogenit navodi da su posle smrti kneza Srba, vlast nasledila njegova dva sina. I mean here Slav. M allory ,InSearc hof theIndo- E uropeam9. In early medieval times Franconia was an important center of aMo ko s cult H. Following a victorious campaign against the Khazars inCaliph Marwan is reported to have settled some 20, Slav prisoners in the Khaketia region of Georgia, and established Slav colonies along the border with Byzantium in Cilicia, northern Syria, and the Upper Euprhates.