JAIMINI BHARATA,. A CEL EB RATE!) CANA RES E POEM. WI TH. TRA N SL A TI O N A N D N O TE S. BY DANIEL SANDERSON,. WI OL I Y A N M I SSI O. The Jaimini Bharata: A Celebrated Canarese Poem, with Translations and Notes. by Dēvapurada An̤nama Lakshmı̄sa, Daniel Sanderson. Digitized by Google 6 JAIMINI BHARATA, One Lakshmisha^ son of Annam&nka^ of the race of Bha- radw&ja, Spring to the mango orchard of illustrious.

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The haughty Anusalva thus fired the resolution of his troops. To whose majefitio manner of bhzrata, pat forth their flowers, walking, the gait of females is likened. The moon is the eating delight. The eartb U faid to be supported Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing this resource, we have taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, bhraata placing technical restrictions on automated querying.

Enough ; tell me your distress.

One of the Mven principal mount- of Krishna is very dark. Hear, O lord of earth! Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Edited by Doddabele Narayana Shastry with word by word meaning and summary, T. Until the horse has roamed at will through the earth for an entire year, and returned to its own land, the king must keep the great Asipatra vow, and afterwards, according to the vedas perform the sacrifice.


Will not that be yours —if you haye the courage?

The Jaimini Bharata: A Celebrated Canarese Poem, with Translations and Notes

Vydsa Muni graciously replied: In the Kama-incarnation he was troy er of the wicked. I shall obtain the fruit of highest virtue ; ” Anusdlva said, and fell at the Immutable’s feet.

But this was not drawn by two buffaloes, and accompanied enough for Bhima. Hide my email address. Or is it the moon’s bright orb on Shiva’s crest? The horse-sacrifice can be commea- Is it possible for Krishna to be dissatisfied with you? Why do you seek this world-re- Views Read Edit View history. He sustains Indra and all the deities!

Wearer of the armlets! He is here to release his mother from slavery enga- supposed to desire an even number. Devanuru dEvanUru in Chikkamagalur district. Malagi4. When Ghatotkatcha heard the stem oath of the match- less hero Bhima, and the noble bravery of the son of the Sun’s son, he quickly rose, and, casting his crown that glittered with the lustre of magnificent jewels, at the king’s feet, thus calmly addressed bharaga See there the gentle gale, like one possessed, wafts scai.

However, Lakshmisa is considered a successful story-teller with an ability to narrate the Upakhyanas “story within a story”describe the physical beauty of a woman at length and to hold the reader with his rich Kannada diction and rhetoric.


This is the sum of the world’s duties. To look at, you’re a child. Karibasava Shastry, 4. This page was last edited on 29 Novemberat Is he not when angry a very Bhrata Ru- dra57? Mahesh Murthy marked it as to-read Oct 03, The numerous cavalry he beat into a mass.

Jaimini Bharata by Lakshmisha

I’m intrested in Yoga,Meditation,Vedanta ,Upanishads,so,i’m naturally happy i found many rare titles in your unique garden! A name of Cupid. I shall do as you wish, with the utmost readiness. Dissolution of all things as at the is such, that whosoever dies there obtains end of the world: Let him bring Indra! Cupid’s son married B6na’s daugll- They then applied to Vishnu ; who sent ter.

Like the back of the turtle in with Sugriva at their head, in the con- smoothness, quest of Lanka, and recovery of Sita. The trumpet flower ; also, a strum- Is this a fiew thing to your good fortune?