Allí, ve como Tánger Soto (Aitana Sánchez-Gijón) compra una carta esférica muy antigua, dibujada Arturo Pérez-Reverte (novel), Imanol Uribe (adaptation). La Carta Esferica (the Nautical Chart). Arturo Perez-Reverte, Author Alfaguara $ (0p) ISBN Tweet. More By and About This Author. La Carta Esferica Arturo Perez (ME LO MANDO WII). Uploaded by. lizbeth Camarena! “! ” # ” $ $ $ $% % ” $ & ” ‘(# ” # $ #! ” ” $ ” &) “! *!!)! #! #!.

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Moreover, only using people for her benefit, not ever caring of their feelings. Diego Alatriste is a Spaniard soldier, loyal to the royal couple; he puts his talent with the sword to the service of a military organization that opposes abuses during the Inquisition. This review has been hidden seferica it contains spoilers. The Nautical Chart follows the same pattern as many of his other books- the woman who lures our unsuspecting, unassuming man into a mystery, his unfortunate life before that, the strong link to and nostalgia for the past, the promise of redemption, all woven into a beautifully done character study.


The Nautical Chart

To summarize this in a couple paragraphs. With all the mystery, intrigue and dangers you’d expect from such a story.

Uma narrativa fascinante com um final surpreendente. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Spanish novelist and ex-journalist. I would recommend this to those who already love Reverte’s work, not to newcomers. Perez-Reverte seemed to revrete higher literary ambitions than usual in this book, and it seemed to result in a slower-paced, more perdz d I can understand why many regular readers of Perez-Reverte did not enjoy this novel as much as some of his others.

I read this so long ago, I would have to read it again to recall the subtle details that I liked specifically, but I do generally remember that Reverte’s deft atmospheric touch was there, his ability to make the gothic seem every day, his way of making his character seem to step out of 19th century dreams without being overly campy about it, his ability to draw a well done character study into an adventure story.


You know before you open it that somebody’s probably going to betray someone because that’s usually how it goes with those folk. The rest of the many hundreds of pages is full of nautical terms, cartography vernacular, and fictional historical information on the Jesuit ship.

Mais avec la mer, il ne faut jamais jurer de rien. More importantly, he understands there are rules or laws to every game, to every encounter, and it is only at esfetica –where he truly belongs — that he feels grounded the irony! Want to Read saving…. Although much of the writing and story conclusion compensated for other less stellar aspects, readers would be better served trying another of his works.

Legs, eyes, hair, breasts. Jul 24, Mark rated it it was amazing Shelves: View all 3 comments. Coy is a sailor confined to land for a esfwrica of years because he accidentally ran a ship aground.

The Nautical Chart by Arturo Pérez-Reverte

You feel your way through the story as the main character, Coy does. Coy sale en defensa de la chica. Ella es funcionaria del Museo Naval, y hace uso del derecho de tanteo para conseguir esa carta por View all 4 comments. It was not really interesting at all, did not really se This was actually quite the disappointing novel.

Like most of the population, I know close to nothing about these fields, and my excitement to learn more about it and be immersed in the world so that I would have a better grasp on the subculture was defused rather quickly.

It was like academic writing, where it was assumed the reader was already knowledgeable in the basics. Mar 05, Sara rated it liked it.

If only the rest of the book was not lackluster in comparison. I don’t want to say anything more about the book as it needs to be discovered for one’s self.

Whether they actually find the sunken ship full of emeralds in the end is actually irrelevant. The cast of characters in this novel come alive as they travel through this story.

Try it, if you’ve run out of your favorites. The protagonist of this piece is a down and out sailor, who ends in helping a mysterious woman find maps that will supposedly lead to buried treasure.


Le dice que estaba ilusionada por buscar el Day Gloria, un barco hundido del siglo 16, y quiere usar la carta de Urrutia para calcular la zona del hundimiento.

La Carta Esferica Arturo Perez (ME LO MANDO WII) | lizbeth Camarena –

Granted there are moments of evocative, brilliantly revete phrases one has come to expect of Perez-Reverte, but they’re as elusive as that treasure at the bottom of the sea. The end, too, was utterly predictable several hundred pages in advance. As soon as the three amigos commenced with their final expedition- their final attempt- to uncover the lost ship, I thoroughly loved what I was reading. Punch first, ask questions later. He finally does punch someone, but even that manages not to be very exciting.

For me she was a caeta pigheaded girl, perfectly educated in terms of sea knowledge, yes, but generally completely dumb, heartless and emotionless.

La Carta Esferica (the Nautical Chart )

It lacks much of the sustained suspense and intrigue you get in some of his better known works. The plot wanders through Spanish coastal towns as the intrepid pair sets out on a treasure hunt to locate priceless emeralds that went to the bottom on Coy, a sailor down on his luck, wanders into a nautical auction in Barcelona and witnesses a beautiful blond woman covered in freckles bidding on a rare historical map.

The female character is obviously a stereotypical dark lady, and she’s quite easy to predict, but her journey is still touching, and I was still able to become absorbed in the book, however slow it might be to others.

Other characters are a couple treasure hunters trying to stop the two of them a subplot of violencescholars and professors in cartography and nautical studies, and El Piloto, the captain of the Sailboat they take.