The meaning of Lakshmi Shobane was translated by Smt. .. even though we belong to madhva family and mother tongue is Kannada. Delete. Lakshmi Shobana is a Kannada album released on Jul Lakshmi Shobana Album has 3 songs sung by Nandini, Gowri. Listen to all songs in high quality.

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Listen to the sing here on youtube: I have been enjoying reading your blog.

Can someone push it to jitendra. Posted by savitha rao on February 21, at 1: Hi, Thank you so much for providing the meanings for all the slokas of Lakshmi Shobhaane. No words to describe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never heard of it and on Sunday 13th of this month, I had a beautiful dream where the goddess dressed in blue and bright green with lots of gold held me by the hand across a narrow bridge with precious stones.

Which led me to your blog. May her bless us without delay. For scholars, this is considered to be sheersagar that gives knowledge as amrita. Dates of Posts Added: Posted by Meera Kanekal on August 6, at Posted by meeraghu on September 18, at 9: This site uses cookies.


Lakshmi Shobana

Even during Bramha’s pralaya disastergod Shriman Narayanan with Mahalakshmi is lying on the leaves of pupil tree. Sindhu, I have learnt Hindi in High school.

Again thanks a lot for ur great work!!!: Jaishri, I have a new laptop and all the images are in a thumb drive which has gone with my Daughter. Can you please email me the high resolution picture of Sri Raghavendra Swamy.

Posted by shanthi on March 23, at 5: May her bless us with mercy. Hi I just loved the picture of Godess Lakshmi. I will check my books and if I find I will upload the song.

I was searching for nice picture on laxmi godess for my blog. And for the same purpose I wanted a perfect picture.

I will send it, but will take some time. Her body glitters like pure gold. Posted by vidyaanand on January 11, at 5: Meera Avare, Can you please email me the high resolution picture of Laxmi Devi.

I would appreciate if you could provide the meanings in kannada. I would like to know if Lakshmi Shobhane is available in Hindi.


Hi Meera, I am an ardent follower of your blog. Notify me of new comments via email. The one who loves materialistic world that is temporal unlike Lord Hari Indirathe one who depends on others Shivathe one who broke his teeth criticizing yagas and ygnas Pooshathe one who has no legs Adhisheshathe one who has only one eye Sukracharya, Jeyantha were all also present in kannnada.


If you scroll the kannads pages you will be getting meaning for all verses. Posted by meeraghu on August 6, at 9: I wish to know the meanings of the verses in depth.

Lakshmi Shobane Pada – Meaning

Could u please mail me a high resolution picture. Posted by lssrinath on January 6, at 4: We from Tamilnadu and this was translated from a Tamil book. Mrudula, I do have the vratharathnamala, it is however more than pages. She thinks of Vishnu who is noble. Posted by Vijayalakshmi on November 4, at May Sri Mahalakshmi save us. I visited this site for the first time and I was really happy to see so many information, great job meeraji and one request can u pls upload a song, which is aarathi ethire anandamayage chinmayage srimanarayanage which is by Sri Vadhiraja gurugalu.

Posted by Sindhu Manoj on November 10, at 2: