The Lankavatara Sutra (“Sutra on the Descent to Lanka”) is an unsystematic and partial overview of the One Path for over pages in Red Pine’s text. Jan 15, Yes, right next to me hot off the press is a translation and commentary of The Lankavatara Sutra by Red Pine (Bill Porter). First, let me say that if. Mar 3, This is both a brilliant and difficult work. Red Pine has translated into modern English a very important sutra, one that is central to the history of.

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The notes are typical of those that run throughout the book on roughly every other page, some of them taking up more than a page each. Projections of subject or object do sutea arise in suchness. According to Asanga Tillekharatna, “it is generally believed that the sutra was compiled during CE,” although “many who have studied the sutra are of opinion that the introductory chapter and the last two chapters were added to the book at a later period. Haikuist rated it really liked it May 29, Joshua rated it it was amazing Sep 04, This work comes with a wholehearted recommendation from this sura, for both seasoned Zennists and those wishing to go lankvaatara an early text in the tradition as a starting point.

Yet what would a politics based on compassion look like? Debbie Heart rated it it was amazing Nov 09, Hopefully, pind above excerpt clearly shows both the importance of The Lankavatara Sutra as a Zen Buddhist text, and the wonderful job Red Pine has done in his English version. Sep 08, Jughead rated it really liked it. This is the reason I teach one path. So there is essentially no political element. Conor Reid rated it liked it Jan 29, I don’t think if will replace Suzuki Daisetzu’s res because SD has another volume Studies in the Lanka that could almost be the 2nd volume of his translation.


Lankavatara Sutra

Red Pine has lived in Taiwan and Hong Kong, and has traveled extensively in China, visiting Zen temples and seeking out hermits.

Gjanetzko rated it it was amazing Mar 01, Passed down from teacher to student ever since, this is the only Zen sutra ever spoken by the Buddha. The central message of the Lankavatara Sutra, and of the Yogacara School as a whole, is that reality is essentially an illusion created by the mind. Through his work, seekers may get closer to the notions of perception and experience of perception the sutra teaches.

It’s up to each of us to use the sutra to help us achieve this. According to the text, the Buddha’s wisdom recognizes that the world does not exist.

In addition to presenting one of the most difficult of all Buddhist texts in clear English, Red Pine has also added summaries, explanations, and notes, including relevant Sanskrit terms on the basis of which the Chinese translation was made. The two obstructions are passion and knowledge.

Lankavataraa text would seem to lean towards the latter, which is a position that fundamentally reproduces class society.

Excellent resource for the philosophy student as well as the novice. And years before Deleuze.

Red Pine has invited the reader in to a deeper connection of the Buddhas teachings without telling the reader what to lankavataara or pursue in their own unfolding of consciousness.


This translation spoke to me the meaning of nonduality in a gently recurring explanation that finally sinks in. When Mahamati asks about power and wealth and alnkavatara, the Buddha cryptically replies, “A statement about kings is about no kings. To save you and us! Here comes a political element in the form of compassion.

Mahayana sutras Vaipulya sutras Yogacara Buddha-nature.

The Lankavatara Sutra: Translation and Commentary by Red Pine

Published January 24th by Counterpoint first published January It changes who or what we are. As to the contents of the Lankavatara Sutra itself, the work is primarily a set of pne questions put forth by the bodhisattva Mahamati to the Buddha who essentially instructs the former that it is “By becoming aware that projections are nothing but mind” that we lankavahara enlightenment The Lankavarara Sutra, p.

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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Finally, it is worth noting that the Red Pine translation does not include the final chapters that were added lankavataa later to the core.

MacMillan Encyclopedia of Buddhism. Dharma transmission Zen lineage charts Zen ranks and hierarchy Zen organisation and institutions Zen Narratives. Translated by Ethel M. And yet, the Lankavatara Sutra has no answer for if one considers the exploitative nature of class society. He lives in Port Townsend, Washington.