Lyophilization or freeze drying is a process in which water is removed from a product after it is frozen and placed under a vacuum, allowing the ice to change. For composing validation protocol of lyophilizer need to carry out its qualification test and. decide acceptance criteria. So during selection of. Hi all, I have a question regarding an OQ of a freeze dryer. Im Validation Manager in a medium size medical devices company and have the.

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The collapse temperature of amorphous products is typically a few degrees warmer than its glass transition temperature.


The Pirani gauge, however, will give a false high reading in the presence of water vapor. The chamber is supplied with clean steam for sterilization. Certain products with high resistance to vapor flow in the dried portion of the cake may require that the shelf temperature be reduced towards the end of primary drying to keep the product temperature at its target and to avoid collapse. DRY — Heat energy is then added to the product causing the ice to sublime.

Some biological products can not tolerate large ice crystals and they must be freeze dried with smaller ice crystal sizes. This regulation requires certain standards of process control and security. These products can benefit from a thermal treatment process, which is also called annealing.

It also has a loop for hanging the logger. This allows the vials to rest directly on the shelf and increases the heat transfer to the product. Because shelf contact is often inconsistent, convective heat transfer can help promote uniform product drying.

Product chambers are typically either a manifold with attached flasks, or, a larger chamber with a system of shelves on which to place the product. Condenser cooling rates are for information only.

Thoroughly understanding the concept of sublimation is a key building block to gaining knowledge of freeze drying. Because product will dry from the top down, the tip of the thermocouple should always be placed at the very bottom and center of the container. Product is either pre-loaded into vials which are then transferred to the shelf or it is loaded in bulk form directly onto a product tray.


TrackSense Pro Data Loggers. Depending on the application, moisture content in fully dried products is typically between 0. The most common product containers qualificcation flasks, vials and trays. In addition to providing an extended shelf-life, successful freeze-drying should yield a product that has a short reconstitution time with acceptable potency levels. Regional sales associates, Distributors and service technicians are located throughout the world.

Validation Equipment – Lyophilizer Qualifications

Compressed Air, Nitrogen, Vacuum, etc. When the Pirani pressure reading decreases qulaification approaches the true pressure reading of the capacitance manometer, little or no water vapor is present and it can be concluded that primary drying is complete. Sublimation is when a solid ice changes directly to a vapor without first going through a liquid water phase. Additionally, the lypphilizer must be L stainless steel. Condenser Capacity Loss of weight from lyophilizeg weighed amount of water in trays is not less than the stated capacity of the condenser.

With manifold freeze drying, the process is driven by the system pressure set point and the ambient temperature in the room. Determination of the critical collapse temperature of a product is an important step in establishing and optimizing a freeze drying process.

SP Scientific service professionals are highly knowledgeable and are qualified to support every instrument, software and application product that SP Scientific has brought to the market. Some amorphous products such as mannitol or glycine form a metastable glass lyophulizer incomplete crystallization when first frozen.

It is extremely important that the sample be fully and completely frozen prior to pulling a vacuum and starting the drying process. Product trays with removable-bottoms are available when working with vials. An isolation valve can be added to the vapor port that connects the product chamber to the condenser. Qulaification renting bendable units, then they can be verified in our dry block temperature baths. Hydrocarbon And Silicone Contamination Silicone levels on swabs should not exceed the negative control.


This valve can be closed for a short period of time and the subsequent rise in pressure in the product chamber can be measured.

One of the most important factors to consider qualiification the difference between the clean room environment typical quakification a production freeze dryer and the lab environment that most pilot units are operated in.

Manifold freeze dryers rely on ambient conditions to provide the heat of sublimation to the product. Without knowing the critical temperature of the product, a trial and error approach is required to determine appropriate primary drying temperatures.

Because the condenser is maintained at a lower energy level relative to the product ice, the vapors condense and turn back into solid form ice in the condenser. Frozen products can be categorized as either crystalline or amorphous glass in structure. In addition to the free ice that is sublimed during primary drying, there remains a substantial amount of water molecules that are bound to the product.

Silicone levels on swabs in the chamber should not exceed the negative control. Similarly, if bulk drying, the area around the thermocouple wire will dry more quickly than other areas in the product tray. During the SIP cycle: Freeze drying can be a multi-day process. Wireless Data Logger Accessories:. This is the water that is removed desorbed during secondary drying. Three successful, consecutive, runs are performed. SP Scientific associates and distributors look forward to helping you reach your goals.

Our people make the difference. Production freeze dryers are usually configured for operation in a clean room environment and can have the ability for clean-in-place CIP and steam sterilization SIP.

Our unit works with passing the thermocouple straight through the rubber compression materials.