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The Messenger of Allah s.

An exception from the prohibition of the gold and silver vessels is ones that contain a little silver due to a need. Also, they supported this saying by a wife of the Prophet s. Albani also said its chain is Sahih. So if the Menses begin leave the Salah and when they finish wash the blood off you and Pray. Shaykh Fawwaz al Madkhali. And when they have purified themselves, then go in unto them as Allah has ordained for you.

Imam Mahmoud Muhammad al Tanahee. Imam Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali. Shaykh Abdur Razzaq Afifi.

Shaykh Ahmad Bin Muhammad al Buraydee. Wudu Ablution is performed by first having intention to remove the Hadath or to intend to do wudu for the Salah ritual prayer or something else like it. Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Khalifah al-Tamimi.


Manhaj Salikeen: Code of the Righteous: Book of Purification |

This means that if the hide is not pure then the rest of what lays beneath it is also not pure. Shaykh Sultan Bin abeed Al Arabi. Abdul Karim Saqib M.

Kaba is like the Salat Prayer except that you do not speak in it. A person needs to perform a Ghusl which is a shower or a bath with certain requirements the most important of which is the intention of doing a ghusl. Shaykh Imran Ahmed Salafi. Shaykh Rashad Bin Ahmad Ali.

Shaykh Abdul Kareem Al Khudayr. Shaykh Abdul Qaadir al-Junayd. Albani also classed it as Hasan]. Shaykh Mamdouh Al Harbi. Shaykh Abdullah Ibn Uthmaan adh Dhimaree.

Imam Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Bin Baaz.

He answered that for a traveler three and for a resident one day. Shaykh Ali Muhammad Al Dhbaa. Shaykh Muhammad Al Khamees. Shaykh Faisal Al Jasim. Shaykh Saleem ibn Eid al Hilaalee. Imam Shafiee did not commit himself to the authenticity sali,een this hadith. Shaykh Ehsan bin Muhammad Al Utaybi. Shaykh AbdiRashid Ali Sufi. Imam Ahmed used to regard it to be weak. Shaykh Jasim Al Aeynati. Ali ibn Madini maanhaj that Hasan saw Um Salama but did not hear any verbal hadith from her.

Except if the blood gushed forth from her or simply continued to flow on and salimeen with perhaps a short break only, then in this case she is regarded as and referred to as Mustahaada.


This is based on the saying of the Prophet s. Abu Hurairah said, A Bedouin stood up and urinated in the Masjid. Then he would pour the water over his entire body.

Imam Abdul Bari al-Ahdal. Shaykh Dr Talib ur Rahman.

Manhaj Salikeen: Code of the Righteous: Book of Purification

Shaykh Umar Bin Muhammad Fallaatah. Imam Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani. Shaykh Saud Ash Shuraim. Facebook Twitter Google Tumblr Email. In a long hadith, there is a mention that the Prophet s. Imam Abu Bakr Ismaili. Ibn Abu Aufa also did that. Imam Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahab.

Shaykh Khalid Al Anbari. Shaykh Dr Aasim Al Qaryooti. Ibn Mundhir, collected a narration that Ibn Abbas used to read his daily part of the Quran while he was Junub.

Albani also said it is Sahih. So, if a Muslim is in doubt about the purity or Najis state of water, clothing worn during prayer etc or the place such as where one prays — it would be regarded as Tahir pure and clean. Shaykh Abdul Hameed Rahmani.